5 Guaranteed Ways to Make Your Digital Content Go Viral

5 Guaranteed Ways to Make Your Digital Content Go Viral
Do you consider creating content that will go viral as a daunting task? Cast aside your worries and go through these surefire ways to make your content an instant hit on social media.
Sonali Pimpale
Last Updated: Sep 7, 2020
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Every content creator or content marketer wishes to craft content that will hit popularity overnight. He will wish for the content to be seen, shared and appreciated by the scores of people who call social media their second home.

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? But, the harsh reality is that very little content catches the fancy of the audience and goes viral. With tons of content churned out on the web every single day, you cannot just post your content online and pray for the Social Media Gods to smile upon you. If you are thinking about how to make your content go viral, check out some of the ways you can adopt to tip the odds in your favor.
Connect With Emotions
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Content that resonates with audiences has the most chances of going viral. While people dearly love and appreciate a good laugh, they also connect with content that makes them stop and think. Make them laugh with humorous anecdotes on daily life struggles or move them on a social issue, and they will reward you by actively sharing your post. Be cautious though, in the already stressful lives that we lead today, people do not want to focus on too much negativity. Posts that induce positivity are more likely to go viral than negative ones.
Be Interactive
You might have some expertise on a particular subject that you wish to share. Take care not to sound monotonous or too instructive while doing so. Keep your tone interactive. Let people comment on your blogs and try to reply to them promptly.

Interactive quizzes are quite popular among the social media denizens. They love quizzes that make them feel good about themselves and sharing them with others to compare results.
List It Out
Most people, in general, are fond of making lists and ticking off the items one by one. It gives them a sense of having accomplished something. This tendency translates to online reading habits too. List articles are easily noticeable and get shared much more than the conventional ones. The numbers make these articles more easily noticeable, and make it more easy to assimilate information.
Brevity Is the Soul of Wit
If you make a study of posts that have gone viral, you will notice a recurring pattern. Most of the viral posts will be as short in length as possible. If you want to make a viral-worthy video, try to wrap it up in less than a minute. Anything longer and you will risk losing the attention of the easily distracted audience. The same rule applies for blog posts. People simply do not have the time to read lengthy content.
Catch the Eye of the Beholder
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Let’s face it. Human beings have woefully short attention spans. In addition to short content, you need to provide visual stimulation to keep their attention hooked on your post. Taking a leaf out of Snapchat and Instagram’s book, Google has brought us Web Stories (AMP Stories). It is a modern content format that lets you create visually engaging posts with brief textual content. With exquisite images and arresting animations, these Stories grab the attention of audiences like nothing else. Create the mobile-friendly, fast-loading Stories within minutes using the Web Story Builder by Visual Stories, share them on social media platforms and watch them go viral!