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5 Reasons Why Google's AMP Stories Cannot be Ignored

5 Reasons Why Google's AMP Stories Cannot be Ignored
Now a buzzword, AMP Stories is striking the chords of acclaim among the online browsers, making businesses reconsider their marketing strategies.
Swarali Jambhale
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2019
AMP Stories- a Bolt From the Blue
A start from snap, the Stories format has come at a pace of stone’s throw and Google’s introduction to AMP Stories has shown its endorsement for the Stories format! What more reasons do the Stories need when companies like Mashable are hiring external agencies (Reels) to create stories for their brand and website!
1. SEO Goldrush
Google will incorporate Stories into Search with their Stories SEO algorithms to surface the most compelling and relevant content at the top. AMP Stories being immersive with rich visual content and mobile-centric Stories, score higher on the user engagement metrics. Since search engines are focusing on user engagement for ranking pages, AMP Stories will be the arrow in quiver to get your content ranked higher!
2. Monetization Potential
Monetization Potential
Getting a fair click count is hard-won even in the world of more clickers today! So, to increase the number of clicks, start creating AMP Stories as Google has introduced the updated version of AMP Stories with advertising capabilities! There are two types of ad formats that AMP Stories support:

Single Page Ad: This ad type is a single page inside the AMP story that has a set of preordained CTAs (Call To Action) buttons with links that lead to a web page.
Sponsored Story Ad: The ad itself is a stand-alone multi-page story. This being a regular page url, publishers can drive the web traffic to a sponsored story ad from the CTA URL button of a single page ad.
3. Creative Endeavors
Creative Endeavors
The value of stories to customers is increasing by degrees. Monotonous scrolling and rolling eyes through a large number of words in not only time-consuming but also annoying for the reader. So, simple touch content with swipe features is what the audience is adjuring for! AMP Stories is a quick fix that boasts of being mobile tailored and fast loading with short content spruced up with attractive visuals, allowing your audience to effortlessly read the content without missing a beat!
4. Revenue From News
Revenue From News
News in the AMP Stories format is definitely something at variance with those typical lengthy news articles. News story having a short span of existence is a result of the latest news becoming stale just after minutes. So, being a news publisher, the main focus should be on effective dissemination of content with maximum readers consuming the headlines before they get old! AMP Stories for now is the one and only way to present news content in a format that reaches a wider audience in no time, with easy to consume content!
5. Future Augmentation
Future Augmentation
Brands embracing stories are increasing, more than 50% of business accounts have created stories recently! With AMP on your site, you will play safe becoming future-proof as Google is consistently pushing in new user-focused features that will undoubtedly thrive in the coming years! Google will not curb AMP Stories to only Search. In the near future, we can expect these immersive stories to reach the culmination - Google Feed as AMP Stories become available to publishers.
Over to You
AMP Stories
To keep your head above the waters, it is indeed necessary to accede the newly proposed AMP Stories format to keep your audience hooked to your site! Acknowledging the fact that Stories have started ranking as the #1 customer's favorite type of social media content, emphasizes the need of adopting AMP Stories! Visual Stories is doing that. It is a platform letting the online businesses and content creators connect to leverage AMP Stories format and amplify their reach!