5 Website User Engagement Metrics That Reveal More Than Clicks

5 Website User Engagement Metrics That Reveal More Than Clicks
User engagement metrics are the impeccable stopgaps for monitoring the health of your website!
Swarali Jambhale
Last Updated: Sep 5, 2020
Analyzing what a user actually does with your website, or accentuating on his actions is what user engagement caters to. User engagement topping the list of SEO strategies is about magnifying into what drives the user into the site and understanding customer behavior to finding out the value of the product that decides to be beneficial to a business.
1. Web Visitors
web visitor
What is it: It is the number of new and unique visits of the viewers engaged with the website for the first time. Unique visitors are the distinct individuals requesting pages from the site in a given period, irrespective of how often they visit. It is a fundamental metric in web analytics that portrays an overall measure of the website traffic.

Necessity: The more your website gains visitors, more is the web traffic spinning towards your site. This metric helps analyze the total number of users the website has gained and how much your site interests them to keep them engaged.
2. Bounce Rate
What is it: Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who shove away only after viewing one page of the site. If your is an off-putting one for the customers, it is likely to have more bounce rate as viewers tend to discontinue their browsing on the site.

Necessity: This metric spotlights the credibility of the entry page of your site, taking into consideration the effectiveness and quality of the content. An entry page with low bounce rate is said to compel visitors to dive deep into more and more pages where as a high bounce rated entry page is depicting a negative impact of the page on the site.
3. Conversion Rate
What is it: Conversion rate is the next step of interesting users and the antonym of bounce rate. It is the percentage of users who take a desired action on the page, whether it is filling a registration form or making a purchase. It is a funnel that converts just a visitor to a customer.

Necessity: Increased conversion is the strongest Return On Investment (ROI) argument for better user experience and more research. Tracking the conversion rates is highly important as it manifests the value of content put up on site. Unlike bounce rate, conversion rates running high on the graphs of user engagement is a good omen of website gaining popularity!
4. Visitor Recency
What is it: Visitor recency tells you about the time gap between the user’s last visit to your site. Recent visits of a user to your website speaks about the user being interested in what you have to offer and his loyalty towards you. No matter what your business type is, visitor recency is an important metric.

Necessity: A high visitor recency depicts the likelihood of engagement by the user. A low time between two sessions of the user visiting your site shows how much effective your site is at retaining your online audience. An ideal visitor engagement approach will correspond to your revenue goals.
5. Time-on-site
What is it: Average amount of time a visitor dwells on your website is the most vital indicator of the customer based interest. People do not afford wasting their time. The dwelling time of a user is the amount of engagement the user has with your site.

Necessity: This metric helps you analyze the intersection between your audience’s values and the bottom line of your business. The level of involvement increases with the customer performing key user actions on the site compelling him to stay on the site for more time. It certainly helps you inspect the core user actions being performed on site, obliquely helping you assess the success meter of the site!
Web Stories: A Solution to All
AMP Stories
Web Stories (also known as AMP Stories) is a Google’s initiative that is benefiting online contenders for reasons – creation of buffer free pages, immersive experience with rich visuals and bite-sized content. Google’s only motive to this initiation is that desktop browsers are slowly becoming mobile browsers. The best part about Web Stories catering to businesses is that it is currently scoring the highest in all the user engagement metrics! To not get left behind, getting Web Stories on your website is the quick witted way to emerge above the meridian.