6 Creative Ways to Reuse Your Existing Content

6 Creative Ways to Reuse Your Existing Content
Do you find it daunting to create new content every time from the scratch? Or do you have loads of content and are at a loss what to do with it? Whichever the case, there are many ways you can tweak your existing content and get it ready to go in a brand new form!
Sonali Pimpale
Last Updated: Sep 7, 2020
Creating content is a challenge not everyone is up to facing. It is not a moment’s work either. Content creation is time-consuming, and it is not always possible or practical to come up with new, fresh content every time the need arises. What’s the solution then, you ask? Why not just reuse the content you already have? You’ll be surprised to know just how much difference giving a fresh perspective to your content makes to the traffic of your website.
Before diving into the ways to reuse your existing content, be mindful of the content you choose to repurpose. It is better to go for evergreen content rather than content that deals with trendy subjects. Do not waste your efforts on content that will hold sway over audiences only for a short amount of time.
Convert Blog Posts to Guides
If you have written blog posts enough to become an expert of that particular subject, do not let your knowledge and efforts and go in vain. Check whether your old blog posts need brushing up. Once you make the required updates, coalesce important information from each blog post into a single, easy-to-understand guide. This guide can be useful for beginners and can be also be used as a reference book.
Make Videos
Most people prefer watching short videos rather than reading long-drawn posts. Break down your posts into little snippets and convert them into a series of short video clips. You can distribute them across multiple social media platforms to gain a wider audience reach. You might even have conducted a webinar sometime in the past. Instead of letting it get lost in time, convert the webinar into a series of YouTube tutorials. Doing so will not only revamp your content, but also will give you a YouTube presence which a great way to attract new traffic to your website.
Turn Posts Into Podcasts
Listening to podcasts
There are a lot of people who love listening to podcasts. As they don’t require having to tune in at a particular time, podcasts can be listened to at any given time of the day. What’s more, your listeners can enjoy your podcasts while carrying out mundane routine tasks like driving, cleaning, etc., something which is not possible with written articles. Make sure you keep your tone conversational and friendly while turning your posts into podcasts. You don’t want to bore your listeners, do you?
Create Infographics
Infographics make the best viral material. However, though creating an impressive infographic is one smart content-resuse-strategy, it definitely is no menial task. To create an infographic worthy of going viral, you need to make your existing content free of irrelevant or redundant data and present it in an attractive way to catch the eye of its viewers. If you don’t want to go hunting around for a graphic designer, there are plenty of templates and tools available to create an infographic yourself.
Turn to Web Stories
AMP Stories
Modern day readers rarely have the time to pass more than a passing glance at lengthy, text-heavy articles. They prefer a content that has less text and more visuals. Google’s Web Stories is that content format which allows creation of such content. With engaging visuals and animations, these Stories let you connect with your audience like nobody else.
If you are wondering how to go on about creating Web Stories, Visual Stories proffers the Web Story Builder, a one-of-its-kind Story creation tool that lets you easily create the engaging Stories. To convert your existing content to Web Stories (AMP Stories), all you need to do is break down the content into different sections and add relevant visuals and animations to each section. Visual Stories also provides an easy way to add the mobile-friendly, fast-loading, shareable Web Stories to your website.
Create Ebooks!
Self-publishing is garnering more and more popularity these days, and it can give you an opportunity to establish yourself as an author. Take your posts on a particular topic and compile them into an eBook. You can offer up this eBook on various platforms.