8 Sites To Make Money By Writing Content In 2020

8 Sites To Make Money By Writing Content In 2020
Many people have a flair for writing, many a times their writing becomes popular too! But this does not necessarily fetch them a handsome amount! This may be due to the lack of information about the platforms which not only showcase users' writing talent but also pay them well. Let us have a look at some of such websites.
Pragya Singh
Last Updated: Sep 12, 2020
1. Spyre Studios
For those having a good knowledge of web design, this site is a platform to share your well written tutorials, posts and articles. You can even link your blog, if you have one, to the post you wish to submit. This site pays 50$ per post accepted, with upto 160$ for good quality posts.

2. Penny Hoarder
An amazing website that shares posts on money-saving hacks, success stories, budget planning. Basically, life related articles are published here which explain how life can be made easier. Penny Hoarder demands 600-700 words long posts on smart money guides, unique job ideas, DIYs etc. Your post gets published under your real name and it is also linked back to your website.

3. Hub Pages
Hub Pages gives a wider scope to your ideas to flow as their blogs address almost everything from health, technology, literature, science to any other niche you can think of. The post length they demand is of 700+ words.
4. Visual Stories
Visual Stories is a platform that empowers content creators or writers to increase the reader base and enthral their audience by offering a story creation tool to create content in Web Stories format on their own sites. Since this format is mobile-focused, fast-loading and search-engine friendly, it gets ranked higher on SERPs, eventually increasing website traffic and so the revenue. These highly engaging, fast-loading and immersive Web Stories enhance user experience, increase time-on-site and as a result, reduce bounce rate.
5. Funds For Writers
This site has over 40,000 active subscribers where one gets paid for writing quality content. Priority is given basically to the originality, ideas, word count etc. It is the best website that pays good money for every piece of article getting published.

6. Listverse
Listverse offers to pay for your content only if it is original, error-free and of high quality. This site mainly looks for viral content presented in standard native speaking level English language. A writer may write on unsolved mysteries, misconceptions, hidden knowledge etc. This site also has its own group of graphic designers, who take care of all the images for you.
7. UX Booth
The UX Booth is a publication by and for user experience community. Anyone interested in improving the web experience is welcome. UX Booth is a site that primarily focuses on User Experience. This site looks for articles written, based on research on how to create better user experience. UX Booth prefers articles which are written in the word range of 1,200 – 1,800 words.

8. ThemeForest
All those who know WordPress would be familiar that ThemeForest is the largest marketplace for WordPress resources. It is a leading name of web designing sector. ThemeForest is a great source for web designers to make money and get quick exposure in web designing market.
With all of these websites, and many more out there, one can follow their writing passion, share the knowledge and experiences with the vast online audience, and also earn a good amount!