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Advantages of Ionic Framework for Hybrid Mobile App Development

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One of the biggest challenges that companies normally face while creating mobile apps is the project's cost. As per the reports of specialists, they recommend going for hybrid technologies to save some bucks.

Mobile App Development

An Ionic framework is an HTML5 mobile app development framework that helps us to develop hybrid mobile apps. The hybrid apps are a significantly small website that runs in the browser shell in an app that has access to the native platform layer. These apps have many advantages over pure native applications, which are defined in terms of platform support.

Why Opt for Ionic Framework?

As a free open-source framework, Iconic has won the hearts of both developers and entrepreneurs due to its focus on functionality. Let us have a look at some of the important reasons that explain why to opt for an Ionic framework:


From day one the Ionic framework introduced, it has improved the performance of the application each and every day which other framework fails to do. This framework is built on the top of angular 4 which has improved everything that developers need in hybrid technology. This framework has also made the mobile application to operate much faster and smoother.

Provide an Ionic View

apart from delivering the prompt setup, this framework has an Ionic view. It is a unique application that works like the famous Testflight by Apple. This framework enables users to upload their applications to the server for previews before it is launched.

Native Focused

Ionic is designed considering the native look and feels in mind; all the major components are created to match all the native mobile applications.

Appealing Design

The design of this framework is reasonable and straightforward irrespective of the mobile devices being used. Because of tremendous mobile components, interactive paradigms, etc, the developers find the ionic framework is the best.

Distinctive Angular Framework

As everyone knows this framework has been developed upon the top of the angular framework, so the users are sure of enjoying its rich features such as the versatile plugins.

Use of Ionic Framework in Businesses

The objective to build a mobile app is to deliver unique UX for users. Hybrid mobile app development services help to create a unique link between its clients and the brand to make operations more instinctive. Below are some of the reasons how the Ionic framework helps the business to beat its competitors.
This framework is famous for cost. It helps in reducing the cost of developing apps as you only need to work on one hybrid app to deploy it across multiple operating systems. This means cutting all expenses associated with the creating of multiple apps for different devices.
You can deliver a better user experience with Ionic apps. Therefore, the success of your marketing is all dependent upon how the target audience interacts with your apps.
There is no room for making an error while designing the apps because the developers and investors can follow and test every element using an Ionic view. This is a very effective way to perfect the results and have the assurance of more reliable results.

Features of Ionic Framework

UI Components

An Ionic framework is the collection of UI elements, which are reusable elements that serve as the building blocks for an application. These are built with web standards by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Though the components are pre-built, they are highly designed from the ground up to be highly customizable

Platform Continuity

Platform connection is the built-in characteristic of the Ionic framework which allows the app developers to use the same code base for the various platforms. Every Ionic framework accommodates its look to the platform on which the app is running on.


Traditional web apps use long history which means that the user navigates forward to the page and can hit the back button to navigate back. Ionic application has covered the mobile navigation approach, which supports equal navigation histories which can also be nested, all while supporting the familiar browser-style navigation concepts.

Native Access

An excellent feature of apps built with web technologies is that it can run on any virtual platforms like desktop, phones, cars, etc. The same code base for Ionic apps can work on different platforms because it is based on web standards and common APIs which are generally shared over these platforms.


The Ionic framework is built with the help of CSS that supports us to take the benefits of the flexibility that CSS feature offers. This makes it easy to design an app that looks excellent while following web standards. Everything from the background color of an application to the text color is completely customized in this framework.


Creating a hybrid mobile application using the Ionic framework has determined to be highly efficient and you can keep the associated low cost and targeted clients as the assured great UX interface. The Ionic app development allows the business to take full control of their operations and stay in contact with their clients and their audience all the time.