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AMP Stories: A Boost To User Engagement of Your E-commerce Website

AMP Stories: A Boost To User Engagement of Your E-commerce Website
AMP Stories is now on the verge of becoming a rule of thumb for businesses and online content creators!
Swarali Jambhale
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2019
Stories to Promote Products
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A study by SEO-Journal shows that 92% of customers wanted the advertisement to tell a story instead of just hitting them with facts! Traditional marketing along with AMP Stories will make the head and heart of the advertisement of a product.
Fast Track Your Product Advertisement
The faster you deliver the content, the better it is for your business to significantly decrease the bounce rate! Reduction in page load time means giving boost to conversion rates and AMP Stories is the unswerving solution to constantly keep your conversion and bounce rates within their measures!
Spark Your Creativity with AMP Stories
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The structure of AMP pages opens up opportunities to experiment with new creative features AMP provides, to take your content to the next level. Design is of utmost importance knowing that 48% potential customers cite a web design to determine the credibility of a business.
Shoot Up Rankings With AMP Stories
The fast-loading AMP Stories give a huge visibility boost to your website, helping you surface on the brim of SERPs. Mobile page speed, now declared as a ranking factor by Google, is necessitating businesses to incorporate AMP Stories at the earliest to stay on the top of the trend.
Visuals Are Memorised
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The highlight of AMP Stories, the amalgamation of rich visuals and bite-sized excerpt, is contributing substantially in increasing the graph of web traffic to grow as visual content tops the list of priorities for almost 51% of B2B writers. Stay on your toes, just as Visual Stories has with its flair of incorporating AMP Stories.
Winding Up
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AMP’s ecommerce application has resulted in millions of dollars in additional sales and 20% increase in conversion rates for businesses, as announced by Google. AMP Stories are making a quick buck benefiting small start ups. So, make AMP Stories your competitive advantage and make it last forever!