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Web Stories: Who All Can Take Advantage of This Content Format

Aakash Jain
Web Stories (also known as AMP Stories), a content format that bloomed in the monopoly of traditional articles is slowly making its way to domination.
Web Stories is a modern storytelling format that works on Google’s AMP technology. AMP technology enables the creation of fast-loading webpages. And Web Stories facilitates the creation of content that is visually-pleasing, and that works smoothly both on mobile and desktop. The content loads full-screen and is tappable, producing immersive experiences.
Web Stories are similar to Instagram Stories, but they are searchable and shareable on the web. Web Stories is a boost to SEO, as they are search engine friendly and score high on user engagement metrics. The visual appeal of the Stories makes the content easily consumable and enhances the user experience, creating a memorable navigation affair.


Web Stories is a bonanza for businesses and brands to widen their reach. Audiences want a personal connection with the brand they like or follow and with Stories it is easily possible. Brands get an opportunity to inspire and influence the world with Stories in a visually-appealing format.
Stories involve a narrative that resonates emotionally with the audiences. Promoting your brand in Web Stories format is a brand new approach to get audiences closer to your brand, and propel your businesses. With Web Stories, the interaction between brands and audiences becomes seamless.


Promoting the products and services in Web Stories format can be termed as 'the modern way of marketing'. Majority of the customers and consumers use smartphones to buy a product or to read about it. The mobile-friendly format is sure to make your ‘Story-Pitch’ appear visually extraordinary on the mobile screens. Also, Web Story ads help invite more traffic.
People prefer consuming visual depiction of the product to reading about the same. With Web Stories, even this is simplified. Web Stories score really high on engagement metrics, with smoother animations and greater visuals. All this allures the users into reading your entire content, thus paving a way for more visibility and better ROI.
Web Stories are a must for your content marketing strategies. With reducing attention span and enormous content on web today, enticing the readers is a challenge. They prefer fast-loading content with engaging visuals and concise text to grasp it easily. Stories fulfill these user expectations.
Content publishers and marketers stand a great chance with Web Stories. Stories engage users with impactful content and easy navigation making them want to come back. This leads to an increased time on site and reduced bounce rate, which boosts the rankings and strengthens the SEO.


Web Stories is a fresh approach and a creative spin on old ways of blogging that can make your content more appealing to the reader. The format has layers organized in such a way that easily grips the attention of the reader.
The dynamic combination of content brevity and engaging visuals, Web Stories lets you create a visual blog in a modern way and inspire the world with your writing prowess. You can present your work in a visually appealing manner and make a permanent place in people’s heart. The admiration you'll receive will help you gain confidence to deliver even more.

News Publishers

In today’s fast paced world, Web Stories serves as speedy and productive format to present your news. Tap-through News Stories, that give brief news content in less time are the best way to attract the readers. You can gain a wider reach and impress the masses with fresh and visually-pleasing news.
Being a part of the news agency, or as a journalist, you can stand out from your competition and make a difference with Web Stories. You can repurpose the content and write new content in Web Stories format to enhance the user-experience and become the audiences' favorite.


“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”
- Robert Frank

Stories breathe life into a photograph. With Web Stories, you can present your photo collection creatively in the form of a story. In this format, pictures will take less than a second to load, thus keeping the user engaged throughout the slide show.
Photographers, can promote their skills, to raise awareness, or just show their fun side by creating a photoblog in Web Stories format. You can showcase myriad pictures in the form of a Story to fascinate the ‘readers’. Web Stories lets you serve a visual feast for the web which is not ephemeral but one that will remain in people's mind for long.
Artists, techies, gourmets, globetrotters, travel-enthusiasts can present their experiences in visually-appealing and immersive Web Stories, and advice in impressively less time - so that people can be inspired and entertained at the same time.
The benefits of AMP Stories are endless, so you must tap its potential. You can do that with Visual Stories. It is a perfect blogging platform that lets you create visually-rich Stories, using the Web Story Builder. Everyone can use the Builder, that lets you unleash all your creativity with its flexible design. So, utilize it fully and see where you go.