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Apple Vs. Android Smartwatches

Direct comparison between Apple Watch and Android Smartwatch.
David Abraham

1. Shapes & Sizes

Apple Watch:
  • Square Shape with rounded corners
  • Three Cases types: aluminum, stainless steel, 18-karak gold
  • 38mm height, 42mm height
Android Wear Watch:
  • Different shapes
  • One size Watch face only (for each manufacturer model)
  • Plastic disguised as metal, Stainless steel (with gold and silver color)

2. Display

Apple Watch:
  • OLED screen: 272×340 (for 38mm model) ; 312×290 (for 42 mm mode)
  • Force touch technology – with touch pressure sensing
Android Watch:
  • Samsung, Sony, Asus: 320 x 320 AMOLEDs and LCD
  • Moto 360: 280×280
  • Huawei Watch: 400×400

3. Control

Apple Watch:
  • Digital Crown, with home function upon pressing
  • Side button: frequent contacts
  • Pressure-sensitive Force Touch touchscreen
  • Siri
Android Smartwatch:
  • Primarily swiping control
  • Google Now to bring in context relevancy

4. Watch Strap

Apple Watch:
  • Rubber, Leather, Metal, and Milanese Loop
  • Proprietary linkage to watch body
Android Smartwatch:
  • Rubber
  • Leather
  • Metal

5. Battery Life

Apple Watch:
  • 18 hours (Approx)
Android Smartwatch:
  • 24 hrs – 40 hrs

Which One to Buy?

Apple Watch or Android smartwatch? It depends on the features required.
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