Blog's Quality vs. Quantity - What Matters the Most?

Blog's Quality vs. Quantity - What Matters the Most?
'Content is King, Consistency is Queen' says it all, they say! But does it really? Wondering how to strike a balance between the two?
Rasshmie Salunkhay
Last Updated: Sep 2, 2020
There exists around 190 million blogging websites vying for attention. So, gaining traction with target users is certainly as bemusing as choosing between quality and quantity after the Google Panda Update.
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Though Blogosphere suggests Quantity over Quality for a better traffic and advertising revenue, choosing only one does not take you anywhere for sure. Gauging any one parameter as 'the most important' for an online content is risky since 'frequency' is as important as 'richness' of the content.
The purpose of a blog is to provide readers with high quality content. A content which is not up to the mark, duplicate or spammed (inorganic use of keywords) is never considered a quality content. In fact, after the Panda Update to Google’s algorithm, this kind of content is penalized by Google to ensure that the content creators produce quality content.
'Quantity' certainly brings traffic to your site but if it doesn’t get converted into leads then it's just pointless. 'Personal Idiosyncrasies' or 'Individuality' of a blog is what sets it apart from the clutter of content. If you intend to grow your blog then ensure that your content is informative to the core, engaging, sharable and of a 'High Quality'.
Elements Balancing Quantity and Quality
Ideal Frequency
Schedule to consistently post a high-quality content that is up to par, since consistency accelerates ranking significantly. Don’t make your readers wait for new post for long. This may trigger the users to navigate away from your site to a more consistent one.
User Retention
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Being publishing machines and generating huge piles of content can be alluring for bloggers to attract more readers and page views. But this may prove to be a perilous move for user retention. Don’t just blog for the sake of generating content, it can lead you towards losing your brand image. Frankly, with this erroneous approach you may just miss the mark!
High Value
Consider your readers as connoisseurs of good work and take efforts on the details. Try resonating your content with the reader's insights. Don’t make your reader base evaporate by providing 'thin content'. Instead, deliver posts that are of a high quality, in-depth information and useful enough to keep your readers hooked to your site for a longer time.
In-depth Research
An extensively researched product shows, so spend ample time figuring out what exactly you want to portray rather than just rushing something out of the door. Pick up ideas for your further articles when you come across something interesting online or offline. Note it down and make a collection. Soon you’ll be having a bank of ideas.
Added Features
The best way to complement your rich content is to place the organic keywords strategically, and use SEO tools and links. Get a grip on the latest technology and reading habits of today's mobile-friendly readers. Considering that, you may start a visual blog in Web Stories format on 'Visual Stories', a platform that offers its users the Web Story Builder.
Last word!
Don’t just dwell on the traffic, as it takes time for an organic reader base to expand. Keep scrutinizing your work and also comparing it with your competitors. Be open to your readers' feedback as it provides you better approach for your further posts. Implement that and see yourself ranking considerably higher in the SERPs.