Content Experience and Ways to Master It

Content Experience and Ways to Master It
Content Experience, the incantation of online marketing, is a combination of deep learning insights and data science to communicate artfully.
Swarali Jambhale
Last Updated: Sep 5, 2020
What is Content Experience
Content experience, the alchemy of web marketing, is all about your content’s living environment and the way it is being structured to compel your prospects to join hands with the company. Content marketing has been quintessentially defined by three pillars, Creation, Distribution, and Insights, however, the fourth pillar, “Experience”, is now coming into the limelight after an epiphany of customer surrounding contextual disappointment.
74% of visitors get frustrated when a website deceives them of irrelevant content!
Personalizing and contextualizing the content as per user’s big asks, will help you convert the user into a lead based on the content’s effectiveness, woven faultlessly into brand experience and customer experience across all verticals.
Components of Content Experience
Environment for content is like a wrapper, showing how well your content is packaged and set forth to the world. Aesthetics affect the experience. In fact, 38% of people will stop engaging with a site if they find it dull or unattractive! Content in an environment full of attractive visuals is sure to affect the degree of solicitation as compared to just plain text. This is where user experience (UX) intersects with content experience.
The ecosystem of your website should be such that the content uses the center stage. Content experience leans heavily on organizing and curating your content type in the form of videos and infographics that will affect the prospect’s ability to discover relatable and useful content. Discounting on content is not affordable when 88% of online consumers tend to shove away from the site after a bad experience.

User Engagement
Demand Gen Report states that, personalized and empathetic content engenders 20% more sales opportunities. Unfaltering consistency builds up a trust which then works to compel action. Ultimately, Personalization, Relevance, Contextual CTAs and Consistency in content are the linchpins to magnetize visitors on your site.
Carve Out Your Niche in Content Experience
Personalize Your Offers
Targeting a particular online activity and converting it into a targeted offer is the trick of the trade at present. Objectifying content to individuals based on their hunger for information is the perfect go-ahead to market your product without exasperating your prospect.
Give Life To Your Content
Understanding the user intent and delivering content is just like satiating the needs of the user and building content- based on whether search query seeks information or transactions. A graphical view of topics of their relevance to other topics might engage the user and uplift the content experience on site. Plan a strategy to understand the point of time in the year when your content will more likely reach the peak of relevance to the readers!
Give Your Content a Workout Routine
Keeping the content on the beam and churning out the expiring contexts out is the pressing need of the moment! Everytime the readers browse on the web expect something new every week, so create and publish content with predictable cycles. The list of questions by the users can be an ever-expanding library of assets to build a strategic content map and know the old assets that deserve no place in the plan.
Acculturate Web Stories
Adopting a ‘Less is More’ mindset is the trend in this digital age as there are colossal improvements in the standards of content present on the web at the moment. Google’s Web Stories (earlier known as AMP Stories) format is here to ameliorate your content with more visuals and less words, allowing the readers to submerge into an immersive human experience! Visual Stories is one such platform that is reinforcing the Web Stories format and setting an example of what an amiable content experience is.
Wrapping Up
Content Experience can be a deal maker or a deal breaker for your business even if your customer experience is at its peak! The vitality of content experience is rolling out as the competitors peep their heads out to your customers who maybe deprived of the content experience they need. So, the more competitive your industry gets, the more imperative it is to deliver delightful content experiences.