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Creativity, Along With Content, Is The King

Creativity in the content is important for a website to target more audience.
Pragya Singh
Reader base now, not only depends on what is being said, but also on how it is said. Creativity makes a plain, simple content even more interesting.
One would agree to the fact that no matter how good a content is, but the creativity with which it is presented, has its own distinguished advantages.

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The question is: how to make the content creative? Various aspects contribute to enhance the creative outlook of your content.
Research Keywords
The most vital part of a good content is the use of keywords, which are blocks of text that help search engines identify what your content explores.
A judicious usage of keywords keeps the focus on being helpful and natural when creating content.
Optimize Title and Content
Creativity without strategy is art, with strategy it is advertising.- Prof. Jef L. Richards.

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Avoid lengthy, confusing title; keep it short and simple. Also, the content must have simple language, should consist of facts and reliable information.
More Visuals Than Content
Long essays are a thing of school where the score depends on the amount of content written.
With readers getting impetuous every day, visually engaging images are preferred over long text. As human brain perceives images faster, get vibrant self-explanatory images as part of your content.
The visual content is always preferred over plain text. Hence, when writing blogs about food, travel, adventure, etc., adorn the content with visuals.
Along with pertinent text, make vibrant pictures, attractive graphics and imposing videos a part of your content.
Where long, explanatory content is must, use ornate words, related images and graphics. A blog with crisp content and rich visuals grabs more user-attention.
This brings more traffic and increased time-on-site, making the site more sought-after, compared to one with just plain information.
Web Stories Format for Creativity
The creativity quotient of your content is sure to raise by using the Web Stories(previously known as AMP Stories) format.
You can create crisp, visually rich, mobile-friendly content which is tap-through, and gives the user an immersive experience.
Web Stories are similar to Instagram/Snapchat Stories and can be easily shared across the web. These factors upgrade user engagement increasing time-on-site and reducing bounce rate.
The Web Story Builder by Visual Stories lets you create Stories that are fast-loading, visually rich, full screen and tap-through.
Your Stories can now be created without having to invest much time or effort with the pre-designed web story templates.
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