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Google's Ranking Factors That Will Matter in 2020

In the ever-evolving quest of reaching higher ranking on Google Search, find out which Google ranking factors will help you in 2020.
Akshay Kulkarni Jan 14, 2020
Google updates its ranking algorithm from time to time, which massively affects the online communities. Major updates like Panda, Penguin, and Mobilegeddon shook the online world to its core. However, there are some ranking factors that will stay relevant, regardless of the updates in Google’s algorithm.

Content Quality

From time to time, Google has brought it to the attention of publishers that content quality is the most vital ranking factor for Google. If the content you produce is of maximal quality, then you need not worry about the SEO.

Page Speed

Google is obsessed with speed. Web page loading speed has been the ranking factor for desktops since 2010 and from July 2018, Google started considering mobile page loading speed as a ranking factor too. So, harness Google's AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology to make your web pages load within a second.

Domain Security

Security is a top priority for Google. In 2014, Google called for “HTTPS Everywhere” and since then, the domain security plays an important role in the ranking of websites. Adding a 's' of security to your domain can prove to be propitious for you in terms of both, security and ranking.


Backlinks from authoritative websites contribute chiefly in ranking high on Google Search. Having links directed to your content tells Google that your content is trustworthy and it can help users.

Content Freshness

With 'fresher results' algorithm update in November 2011, Google made the freshness of content as a ranking factor. This update made sense as there is a ton of time-sensitive content surfacing the Internet. To stay ahead of the competition, you've to regularly update your existing content or publish unfading/evergreen content more frequently.

Website Structure

Providing relevant information to searchers is no longer the only aspect that cuts it to be on the 1st page of Google SERPs. Presentation matters, structure of the website plays an important role in guiding the users to its content, ultimately resulting in better user experience.

Mobile Friendly

The 2016 Mobilegeddon update focused on ranking mobile websites separately on its mobile search. To achieve higher ranking, making your website mobile friendly should be your top concern. Google has launched the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project and AMP Stories, just to serve you with that purpose.
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