Grow Your Business with the Help of AMP Technology

Even a blip for a second can steer your customers away and affect your business. Boost your business with Google's AMP technology.
Aishwarya Karwa Mar 6, 2019
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A delay of even 1 second in page load time costs Amazon US $1.6 billion per year and even leads to a 7% loss in conversion. Half of modern users abandon a website if the load time is more than 3 seconds, as they expect quick access to the information. Google’s AMP Technology can be an avant-garde move for business to keep the users engaged.
Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) help brands to deliver lightning-fast web pages on mobile, while boosting their visibility in mobile search.  Content in AMP format loads in less than a second- literally in a blink of an eye, means decreased bounce rate and increased time-on-site.
AMP for all, meaning whether you are an Advertiser, Publisher or an E-commerce business, you can integrate AMP pages on your website because AMP is an open source technology available all across the web. Incorporating AMP technology can potentially reinforce the market reach of the business.
A business can’t thrive if it ignores the customer experience. AMP Technology (AMP Stories) lets you create visually captivating and fast loading content packed with images, animations, and infographics thereby enhancing the customer experience, increasing user engagement and visibility.
AMP Pages are SEO-friendly meaning they will be prioritized by Google and will be ranked at the top in the search results which can help the business to get an increased click through rate. This way the business can attract more number of visitors and expand their audience base.
Websites are usually loaded with ads to generate more revenue which, in turn, increases the load time. AMPHTML ads provide exceptional ad experience to users with fast, light, and secure ads thereby ensuring effective ad monetization on the mobile web.
It is widely accepted that human brain tends to grasp visuals better than bland text-heavy content. AMP Stories format’s principle highlight is that it helps you tell your story in visually rich and immersive way. Content in AMP Stories format can thus help business to reduce the bounce rates as users are easily glued to visually rich content.
A world with new devices and changing consumer demands mandates you to tell stories in new ways and boost user engagement. Switch to AMP Stories format that takes your content creation to a level higher and paves the way for a better ROI. Upgrade your content strategy to make your content gain better readership and boost ROI.
Visual Stories provides you with one-of-a-kind AMP Story Builder to create striking and engaging AMP Stories in a jiffy. It has been built from scratch, using various latest technologies to produce the best user experience. Create your own ‘visualog’ with Visual Stories and grow your business.
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