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How Google AMP Is Changing the Way Mobile Web Works

Google AMP may not only shape Google's interaction with mobile web but also be the next revolution for mobile marketing!
Rasshmie Salunkhay
Google AMP aims to create mobile-optimized webpages that load quickly and are high-performing. It plans working out the same code across distribution platforms and devices, where the content appears instantly at all places, regardless of the type of device you are using (phone i.e., tablet or mobile).
Mobile web is currently ruling the readers' mind, but there is still room for more, as users crave for a better mobile web experience. Google has recently introduced AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). AMP intends to be the new standard for the mobile web and improve its performance dramatically.
Google AMP is an open source project designed to make the websites load fast and high-performing across devices and platforms. With introducing AMP for better search results last year, Google surely has come a long way proving AMP as a boon for the publishers, e-commerce companies as well as the marketing professionals.
Google AMP plans to turn the webpages portable and super-fast just like Facebook posts, Twitter tweets and Instagram Stories. After the user clicks the link of other platforms, he isn’t required to wait for the Story to load as it’s preloaded in an app. AMP aspires for the same kind of performance when it comes to web too.

AMP's Effect On Mobile Web


Google is undoubtedly the forerunner when it comes to pivoting to search trends. It's fiercely focusing on a better user experience considering market trends. In 2015, Google announced its mobile-friendly ranking algorithm, known as Mobilegeddon, crafted to boost mobile-friendly pages in the SERPs and provide relevant and quick results to the users.

Growing AMP Users

Online businesses like online agencies, advertising firms, e-commerce companies are extensive users of the AMP technology. Twitter, Bing, Yahoo Japan, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Baidu are some of the corporations and Google partners using AMP.

Mobile Shopping

Mobile shopping is also a sector witnessing paramount shift with AMP. For eg. eBay has integrated AMP on its website and around 8 million AMP-powered mobile-shopping webpages are currently in creation.

Demographic Shift

Thanks to mobile technology, the attention span of online consumers is at its lowest. The millenials are too quick to get distracted due to number of platforms available on the web. The average attention span of users is estimated as 8 secs. The loading time of AMP pages is 0.7 secs whereas non-AMP pages take as long as 22 seconds to load.

Performance Enhancement

Webpages that take too long to load lose readers, subscribers and so, the  revenue generation opportunities too! As opposed to that, AMP powered webpages load instantaneously increasing time-on-site, higher user engagement, lower bounce rate and hence more opportunities of revenue generataion.

Core Objective

The ultimate objective of the AMP project is to make the webpages load quickly on mobile devices and empower online publishers, businesses and content creators to deliver the best possible mobile experiences to their audience.
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