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How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Ola and Uber?

amit gupta
The cost of developing these apps depends on the features, platforms, database and time to develop them. So, by keeping everything in mind, let's find out how much does it really cost.

Taxi Apps and Features

  1. Features of User app
  2. Features of Driver app

Location, Routing & Coverage

The developers need around 180 hours to integrate location, routing and coverage features in the app.

Registration & Profiles

This part of an app takes around 30 hours. It covers sign-up, verification, login, data and image upload, reviews and ratings.


The exact position of each and every feature and option will be decided in this stage and also theming process will take a lot of time so you can expect about 100 hours for it.
The cost to develop an app like Ola and Uber would vary between $8,400 to $28,000. I would like to suggest you that before connecting with a taxi app development company or app developer, make sure to prepare a list of features and functionality with an estimated budget.