How To Make Money Online Using Web Stories

How To Make Money Online Using Web Stories
Given their notable impact on every single online content niche, Web Stories have many benefits in store for savvy content creators. If you can leverage this exciting new content format, you stand to profit from it.
Ishaan Govardhan
Last Updated: Sep 2, 2020
Woo the Mobile Audience
A majority of netizens surf the web on phones. So it’s safe to assume that the future of all online content is inevitably tied to the particular needs of the average mobile user. Well, the future is finally here - Web Stories.

Driven by Google's AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology, Web Stories load quicker, ensuring an uninterrupted experience for mobile and tablet users. Web Stories are such that you can finish reading one in a matter of minutes. Anchored by powerful visuals, Web Stories are the future of online content.
Modernize User Experience
User experience
Some content creators simply add an AMP-ready plug-in to their blog and call it quits. But why stop there? Why not harness the latest content format and add Stories to your website?

Web Stories are succinct and visually enthralling, as opposed to traditional long posts. You ought to respect your readers’ shrinking attention spans. They'll respond positively.
High Rank ⮂ More Traffic 🠦 More Profit
Site traffic boost
Google favors mobile-friendly pages, so Web Stories are scoring well in Google’s rank parameters. Web Stories are in a better position to rank higher on Google SERPs, because they attract mobile-users like a magnet. And getting more views and clicks on the ads in your site will lead to a profit boost.

It's not too late to jump on the Web Stories bandwagon! Just modify your site to turn it into a compatible platform for Stories. Snag the elusive mobile-users and expand your readership for good.
Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
PWAs are sites that load and respond quickly, making them ideal Web Story platforms. These multi-device responsive websites work like mobile apps.
Your Own PWA (for free)
Visual Stories offers the only one-stop solution for content creators and marketers looking to ride the Web Story wave. Visual Stories can develop a Web Story website (PWA) for you to publish Web Stories on.

With all the coding, hosting, maintenance and monetization details taken care of by Visual Stories, you can use their free Web Story Builder to weave Stories. Your Stories will be displayed on your own mobile-optimized site.
Profit Off the Traffic Boost
Reach out and appeal to every handheld device-user. With enough traffic, your Stories may even end up on Google’s search results section dedicated to Web Stories! Going viral is a very real possibility, with Web Stories.

And Visual Stories will help you profit off the booming traffic through optimized placement of ads in your Web Stories blog. Avoid all standard hassles, and start making money off the Web Story boom!
The Visual Stories Experience
Tablet user
As a Google AdSense partner, Visual Stories makes use of an MCM tool to ensure optimal ad placement in your Web Story blog. Increase the chances of site visitors clicking the ads on your blog.

Visual Stories offers other pricing plans to suit your unique needs, but its RevShare plan delivers ad optimization at no cost - except a share in your ad revenue.
Visual Blog for AMP Stories
Visual Blog
Visual Stories ensures that your new blog will cater to the needs of every mobile user. You can even modify your existing website or supplement it, by booking a sub-domain for your Web Stories. Separate from your main site, this PWA-driven Visual Blog can act as your alternate source of revenue and self-promotion.
Guest Post on Visual Stories
You can also post Web Stories on any of the 65+ websites under Visual Stories Network, as a guest author. It will expand your readership and act as a priceless content marketing tool.

Always sprinkle your Web Stories (guest posts) on Visual Stories with backlinks, to draw your new readers back to your own blog and boost its ad revenue!

Target your content at the mobile users and capitalize on the resulting traffic boom, with the Web Stories trend!