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How to Make Sales by Storytelling Using Content Conversion Funnel

Discover how storytelling helps at every stage of the content conversion funnel in order to boost sales.
Akshay Kulkarni


Storytelling is an efficient way to influence decisions and inspire actions. The effect of strong storytelling is more than pertinent if your aim is to draw people in, evoke emotions, and persuade them to buy your product.

What is a Content Conversion Funnel

A marketing funnel developed to drive conversions on the basis of content by converting curious audiences into clients or loyal consumers.
The content conversion funnel involves four stages:
1. Awareness
2. Interaction
3. Conversion
4. Loyalty

How Storytelling Improves Content Conversion Funnel


The objective of this stage of the funnel is to gather a group of audience by enticing them through organic traffic and promotional strategies. As stories, if told right, hold the potential to attract and engage any audience and are more likely to get shared than plain facts, they are a perfect fit for this purpose.


In the second stage of the funnel, stories can effectively keep the acquired audience interested and generate a desire in them to buy your product. With stories, you can make your promotional content more interactive and less salesy. Thus the prospects can be easily transformed into interested customers without making them feel manipulated.


This is the most crucial stage where the interested customer actually takes an action to buy your product and becomes a client. Stories, if given value, can influence the customer’s decision and persuade him to take a significant action, without letting him deviate.


The funnel doesn’t stop after clients buy your product. You have to be in touch with them by offering more of your services to build a loyal client base. Stories help you forge an enduring bond with your clients, so that you can develop a lasting connection with them.

Medium for Storytelling

Telling a story can be counter-intuitive if the format you choose to tell it in isn’t fitting. From several formats like blogs, email newsletters, videos, webinars, and the latest Web Stories, choose the one which best serves the purpose of your storytelling and conversion objective.

Web Stories

To tell a great story, words aren’t enough, the addition of visuals makes a lasting impression on the audience. Enter Google's Web Stories; these Stories are as visually engaging as they are vividly impactful. And they provide fast-loading, frictionless, immersive user experiences which keep the customer engaged and active throughout the funnel.
Visual Stories is a platform that helps you create Web Stories with its extensive Web Story Builder. It also lets you guest blog on 50+ categories, which helps you attract more audience in the first stage of the funnel. So, write crisp and concise Stories in a visually striking Web Stories format and boost your sales.