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How Will The AMP Stories Era Transform Search Results Page

Pragya Singh Mar 6, 2019
Search results are a critical element in any digital marketing strategy. With AMP Stories, search results are sure to experience a transformation in the way they have been functioning till now.
Earlier, right keywords were the only aspect to focus upon, while creating content. However, with the introduction of AMP Stories, many other factors have now surfaced other than keywords, which affect the search results for a particular webpage. AMP Stories now have a great lead in affecting the manner in which the search results function.

The “Story” Format

People prefer content presented as a story. Short paragraphs get more attention than long passages. Thus, the Storytelling format of AMP Stories is sure to get more attention and wider user-base. Search results will rank webpages having content in story format and websites wanting to get high ranks should definitely have AMP Stories for this reason.

Optimized Content

To be among top ranked webpages, the content of the site has to be optimized. With AMP Stories, one can create visually appealing content that is crisp, informative and has visuals like images, videos, infographics etc. Search result pages display the optimized content above the other content types, whenever a relevant keyword is searched.


People tend to abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Researches show that poor speed is one of the biggest hindrance to smooth browsing experience. AMP Stories load with a lightning speed and users need not wait for long to view them. Thus only a webpage that loads instantly shall be able to get enough traffic based on the high speed.

Mobile-Friendly Sites

In 2017, mobile phones accounted for more than 50% of all Internet traffic. Also about 48% pre-purchase product research is done on mobile devices. These data clearly show the essence of a mobile friendly website. As users prefer conveniently accessible sites on mobile phones, search engines rank mobile-focused pages higher than those are not mobile-focused.

Platform Independent

AMP Stories are similar to Instagram or Snapchat Stories. However, one major difference lies in the fact that AMP Stories are platform independent. These Stories can be easily shared across the web. The publishers will also be able to retain the reader attention with more “immersive and easily consumable visual information”.


Ads loading in more than 10 seconds get no place in digital marketing world. Ads loading for more than 5 seconds make about 10% conversions while 3 seconds attract less than 70% conversions. In comparison, AMP Stories hold around 95% chances to convert online users to clients. This is due to their near-instant loading time.

AMP Stories

AMP Stories are the latest trend of storytelling, which give a visually-appealing, crisp and fast loading user-experience. It is a mobile-focused format which can be shared across all social platforms. You can add AMP Stories feature to your site easily, build your online reputation and significantly increase your online revenue.

Visual Stories

Visual Stories is a platform by which online businesses and content creators connect to leverage AMP Stories format and boost up their reach. With Visual Stories, businesses get the technology to build mobile-optimized websites, and content creators are empowered with the tools to create AMP Stories.