Leading-Edge SEO Trends to Put in Practice for 2020

Leading-Edge SEO Trends to Put in Practice for 2020
Ranking consumes both time and effort. So, speaking of the Year 2020, there is lot more to clock up your effort levels for a good performance. User Experience Signals being one of them has ameliorated in the SEO!
Swarali Jambhale
Last Updated: Sep 4, 2020
Know Google RankBrain
Google RankBrain is a simple machine learning system that aids Google to sort its search results. This system unambiguously measures the way users interact with the search results and consequently kingpins the Dwell Time of the user along with the Click Through Rate (CTR). If enough people bounce from a particular result positioned #1, RankBrain will take a note of it and will boot it from the #1 spot!
Be a CTR Jedi
Girl Searching on a Mobile
Featured Snippets have a huge impact on CTRs as they are shown in a special featured snippet block placed at the top of the search results page. According to Ahrefs, 99.58% of featured pages already rank in top 10 of Google. So, to attract attention, your result needs a high-pitched shout “ click on me!” or else it will be cold-shouldered. Google is relegating the organic search results with Answer Boxes, Ads, Carousels, “People also ask” sections, and much more.
Create Gripping Content
Girl Reading Content on a Laptop
There were days when Google would analyze the page’s HTML to check the number of times a keyword has been used. Google is now ablest to show the actual best results with reference to context and not content! Google searcher ranks a page that best covers the topic of the content out-and-out and makes a cutting-edge for in-depth content to rank the best. This type of content is like one stop shopping, that gives everything in one place.
Mobile Version of Site Is ‘Real’
Mobile Version of Site
Eyeballing the fact that 60% of Google searches are from a mobile device, Google now considers the mobile version of your site the “real” version even in case of a search from a desktop! If you are on a qui vive, you will know that Google’s Mobile First Index is rolling out as we speak! So, assertively get optimized by:
☞ Making your content consistent across desktop and mobile
☞ Ensuring your content has the least load time and is mobile focused.
Go Buttoned-up With Videos
Businessmen Recording a Video
Online Video is breaking out right now! According to Cisco, online video will make up 80% of all the online traffic by 2021. The situation is, make videos a part of your marketing strategy or else get left behind. Videos are churning out the most of the benefits in terms of SEO as Google has started blending YouTube results into Google Image search! Also embedding videos in your blog posts or content will give a serious boost to the dwell time of the site. Video Featured Snippets is another on the nose idea to answer people’s questions.
Revamp With Voice Search
Voice Search
Certainly, Voice Search looks like “the next big thing” in SEO! 50% of all searches will be voice searches by end of 2020, this eyebrow raising fact mirrors the certitude that Google is now inclining towards sourcing voice search answers from content that ranks in the top 3 search results. Studies have revealed that 4 out of 10 voice search results come directly from a Featured Snippet! To make your content voice searchable, your content must include a question as most voice searches are question based.
Links to authoritative sites help a great deal in ranking your content. Linking with trustworthy websites will enable you to build a virtuous link neighborhood, which will obliquely have an approving effect on the page’s ranking. According to Backlinko, analysis of 1 million Google Search Results, shows that the number of sites linking to a page ties in with rankings more than anything else! To put it in essence, quality content and links will be the foundation of SEO in 2020 and years to come.
Secure Your SEO With Web Stories
Web Stories have eased the ranking of content on chart-topping and competitive keywords in Google search in 2020. To gratify your content with all the pinpoints discussed, getting Web Stories on your website is the unswerving opportunity to get your content ranked, rise above the skyline as Google has introduced the Web Stories Carousel in search.
Become the SEO of your content and refurbish your site with all the big asks of search engines. With 2020 on the horizon, new strategies and techniques are being used and reshaped to keep the degree of optimization at par. Conjure up yourself as SEO will always remain an ever-changing game that inevitably pays to get ahead.