Tips to Upsurge Your Blogging Game in 2020

Tips to Upsurge Your Blogging Game in 2020
With the fast-changing trends of blogging and reading habits, your approach of blogging sure needs a paradigm shift today. Offering your readers a Smart Content instead of making them feel jaded with just a plain, simple content is the key.
Rasshmie Salunkhay
Last Updated: Sep 2, 2020
"You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else." - Albert Einstein

With the ever changing rules of blogging its not easy to keep up with the pace. It's no more as simple as having a diary and a pen and just start writing; it has reached a level where one has to be technologically literate to catch up with the updates thrown at you. Odds are that you may just get lost in the digital jungle of racing competitors.

Don’t forget your audience is smart and tech savvy and with time its getting savvier!
social media
Social media and smart devices are totally dominating the world. So, blogging style that doesn’t emulate the trends is going to suffer. Your blogs need to leverage its power and reach a widespread audience.

Know your target audience, get acquainted with the tastes they prefer and what they crave for. Write for them!
Blogging Rules To Abide By
Be Thorough, Be Deep
The recent trends in blogging show an inclination towards in-depth blogs. People prefer to read while commuting or waiting for a friend. Though it may be an apparent time killer, people do want useful and informative content. Books are gradually getting replaced by smartphones. With attractive content people use it to broaden their perspectives. People today not only invest their time in reading but also give an instant feedback on your work as they are a more educated audience than ever before. 

Keep your audiences engaged on your site by providing them with the latest and precise content that is attention-grabbing as well as informative to the core.
Keep An Eye on SEO Updates
Google is constantly coming up with updates and for your blogs to continue to rank in the search results, you have to follow suit. For eg., the major update to the algorithm (the Media update) by Google in August 2018.
Voice Searches Are a Thing
Google Home, Alexa, Siri and other voice search assistants will estimate around 50% of searches by 2020. Voice search happens to be taking the digital world by storm. People share content with useful information so its good to make it easy to find through voice search. This ensures easy access to your content.

So, having an audible version of your blogs or creating podcasts may also go a long way.
Vlogging is The New Blogging
Netizens are drawn towards audio-visual information. An occasional vlog with your blog will be quite effective in connecting you with your audience. Having your YouTube channel and cross-posting videos on your site is a sure way for a great ranking. It is undeniable that videos are heavily influential in blogging trends in this era.

It's time-saving, easy to remember, and helps to break up long posts and dominates the search engine results pages (SERPs).
Keep Your Ideas Specific
Its good to know that the most popular topics are least efficient. Be extremely specific and unique for your blog to stand out. Remember there are thousands of people writing on these popular topics, so does your post have something different to offer? An efficient article can be around 1500 words, comprising of a video, images, infographics, and other feature boosting your blog.

It should tell a story filled with a personal experience. Give it a personal touch.
Be a Problem-solver
Put yourself in your reader’s shoes. You have to stay focused on the needs of your visitors. Ask yourself if your content is able to cater to the questions and problems of the reader. Is your blog interesting, helpful, informative and grasping?
Consistency Pays in The Long-run
Don’t be discouraged with less number of readers in the beginning. What is the point of producing good content and not being consistent.
Socialize and Mobilize Your Blogs
You have multiple digital platforms to market your content today. They help you share new content, be interactive with your consumers and retain them. Also, since it's crucial to make your blogs mobile-first, try making them visually engaging and easily consumable.

It is beneficial to get creative and convey your information in a highly engaging format, and 'Web Stories' is the one. It is the latest, fast loading and immersive storytelling format built with AMP (Accelarated Mobile Pages) technology. You can get Web Stories on your website with the help of Visual Story Builder, a user-friendly, intuitive Web Stories creation tool developed by Visual Stories.