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Uplift Your Content Marketing Strategy With AMP Stories

Uplift Your Content Marketing Strategy With AMP Stories
"Stories" present themselves as another way to cognize into people's passions and inspire them to take action. So, master the art of storytelling with the second to none AMP Stories. The story heavyweights, Facebook and Instagram have already begun breathing life into their brand with Stories as brand is a matter of perception.
Swarali Jambhale
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2019
AMP Stories For Data-driven Storytelling
By 2020, 1.7 megabytes of data will be consumed per second, by every person on the Earth. Leveraging the mammoth amount of digital data to be available for creation of rich, visually engaging Stories will prove the unimaginable potential in the future of AMP Stories. Creating visually striking content will enable the brands to grab user attention, cutting through the raft of online chaos!
AMP Stories: A Protean to The Needs of Content Marketing
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With the advertising struggle in today’s digital landscape, brands are having a tough time marketing their content that reaches the audience directly. As people are getting bored of lengthy content, attention spans are depleting steadily. Having understood about the new wave of behavior amongst the netizens, Facebook introduced a concept of 6 second ads that allow the brands to tell the tale of their product or service- Mini-ads. Vaulting on this ‘Mini-ads’ approach, YouTube has also launched its ‘6 second ad’ initiative that saw a huge success of intentive results. Just like these biggies, Google announced a beta for publishers advertising with AMP Stories using the Google Ad Manager. This allows seamless advertising where all the ads are fetched and displayed by the amp-story-auto extension as an amp-ad cannot be directly put onto a page.
AMP Story Works Everywhere
The Stories format has started ranking as customer's favorite type of social media content and AMP Stories, is the ultimate format to market your content across apps and websites to make your product go viral. Whether it is about sharing a URL, integrating AMP Stories on your website or sharing them over various social media platforms, AMP Stories can be taken everywhere with the fast loading speed, unhampered without being confined to just one single ecosystem. Once your content is AMPlified in the form of a story, your brand product is ready to go viral on social media and with a wider reach of audience.
Perfect Content Format
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AMP Stories is the legitimate content format boasting of delivering information in the most optimized manner. This swipeable slide design gives the user an immersive human experience with stunning visuals and unnecessary distractions. With buffer-free pages, AMP Stories is also a mobile-focused content format that satisfies the exact needs of an online user of providing content that is consumable and easy on the eyes of the user.
Final Thoughts
At its core, brand storytelling is a business proficiency to drive the emotional engagement of the audience to enhance the performance of a business. With Stories, brands are getting converted into media companies, to portray themselves in a Story format along with adding entertaining and engaging content. Wondering how to go ahead with AMP Stories on your site? Visual Stories is here to help you with its AMP Story Builder, a ‘no-code’ solution to integrate AMP Stories on your website to make your content marketing a successful campaign.