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Web Hosting Services

HostSailor is a global provider of web hosting solutions and services. The various offerings of HostSailor include VPS hosting, SSD shared hosting, dedicated servers, domains as well as SSL certificates. HostSailor has data centers in far-reaching locations, like Netherlands and Romania, and this makes it one of the few truly global web hosting providers.

Best VPS Hosting Services

HostSailor is able to offer VPS hosting option where each customer gets their own virtual machine to themselves, full with a set of unshared resources and space.
You can have your website hosted in a VPS as well, by signing up for one of HostSailor’s wide-ranging VPS options. We offer Bitcoin VPS hosting to customers.

SSD Shared Hosting

In shared web hosting, a server hosts multiple websites. Shared hosting is the most cost-efficient way for a small business to keep their website online these days, and HostSailor provides various options to make that happen.
HostSailor is one of those providers, in that we offer Bitcoin web hosting plans to our customers.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting is the type in which an entire server is allocated to you. The best thing about it is that the capabilities of the servers are available to you exclusively.
Such a server allows you to have complete access to and control over your information and media. Those are the main benefits of signing for a dedicated server plan from us.

Windows VPS Hosting

A VPS hosting plan effectively provides each website with its own unshared resources and storage space. VPS hosting allows you to offer an optimized experience to visitors to your website, which is essential especially when your site starts to grow.
Windows VPS hosting plans offered by the best Bitcoin VPS providers such as HostSailor, are fully managed.

XEN VPS Hosting

XEN VPS hosting would allow your website visitors to make use of native speeds, in a way similar to what any dedicated server allows. XEN offers complete control over loadable kernel modules and swap space.
XEN VPS hosting does not allow the practice of overselling, so all resources that you bought would be allocated solely to you.

KVM VPS Hosting

A VPS virtualized using KVM technology offers all the benefits of a dedicated server, yet in a relatively small scale and cost. While KVM VPS acts the same way as dedicated physical servers, they are each essentially segments of a bigger hosting space and resource set. A KVM server provide the best possible website performance.

Netherlands Dedicated Servers

HostSailor’s Netherlands based web hosting options bring you flawless service throughout the year. The best part is that you can now buy server with Bitcoin.
Netherlands VPS services are provided along with expert assistance throughout the day and year. Our team of experts will get right to you if you face any difficulties while going about your operations.

OpenVZ SSD VPS Hosting

Gain access to the finest VPS hosting services by signing up for HostSailor’s wide range of offerings. We offer Windows Bitcoin VPS Servers, with several Bitcoin VPS plans at affordable pricing levels.
Avail instant Windows VPS, openvz vps and Linux VPS hosting provided by HostSailor. Our website hosting options are among the safest and most secure ones.

Romania Dedicated Servers

HostSailor’s services include web hosting that accepts Bitcoin payments. We have Bitcoin server facilities which are based in Romania. Our service promises you the best available hosting and round-the-clock-support from the most helpful team of experts you ever dealt with. Our Romania vps server support various operating systems such as Windows and Linux.

Domain Registration

Through HostSailor, you can now buy domain name with Bitcoin. The best advantage of this is that any payments you make from any part of the world stay digitized throughout the process.
With the HostSailor domain registration Bitcoin facility, you can acquire a domain name of your choice, and propel your business endeavor forward.