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Why 2020 Calls for a Revamp to Your Blog Content Format

Why 2020 Calls for a Revamp to Your Blog Content Format
Blogging, becoming archetypal with time, it calls for a revolutionary approach to the long-established blogging format. Web Stories is the new lock, stock and barrel for the development in content and digital marketing.
Swarali Jambhale
Last Updated: Sep 4, 2020
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The Number of Bloggers is expected to reach 45 million in 2021. This fact elucidates the buoyant nature of blogging which is to stay ceaseless. To keep pace with the trends of content marketing, people are taking blogging to different mediums, Web Stories is one of them.
Stumbling Blocks of Blogging Format
Content Ranking
Content Ranking
Content is among the 3 main SEO search ranking factors. So, if you have content that goes totally unnoticed, your efforts are already in vain. Blogging in the Web Stories format will be a game changer as your Web Stories will get ranked in the carousel even before your competitor catches up!
Mobile Optimized
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Struggling to read too many words on a small screen? AMPlifying your blog will make your content mobile-centric and easily consumable. With this rendition of visually rich content, Web Stories is here to rule the world of marketing!
71% of marketers report using visual assets as part of their content marketing strategy.
When it comes to content marketing, appearance is all that matters! Web Stories being the quintessential of awe-inspiring aesthetics with quality content, it is a punctilious refinement your blog needs!
Is it possible to balance quick results with quality on the scale of content marketing? Yes! Web Stories is an exemplary way out to maintain the parallelism between calibre and time pressure. The potentials of Web Stories like buffer free pages with emphatic visual content allow you to do this!
Need of Being a Technocrat
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Blogging needs a bit of technical base. Any business will need its own website to blog. But, without reeling on this techie hurdle, Visual Stories is here to bail you out with its 'no-code-solution' flair for integrating Web Stories on your site.
Visual Blogging
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A blogger’s main endeavour is in the areas of branding, SEO and embedding visuals in the content. Blogging in the Web Stories format can be an enduring way to manoeuvre these endeavours by branding content on other sites.
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Assimiliate the AMP technology and you’ve got yourself a money spinner. With these unmatched Web Stories, refurbish the blog format and become an attention-grabber of bloggers.