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Why AMP Stories Make the Best Landing Pages

Leap forward from having just a landing page to a high-converting landing page with Google's AMP Stories.
Akshay Kulkarni Feb 27, 2019
Landing page is a stand-alone web page developed for marketing or advertising purposes. It’s where a user arrives when he clicks an online-ad. The objective of a landing page is to enthral a user with enhanced user experience when he browses a website for the first time, and funnel him to a specific conversion objective.
Since 2016, Google exhorted marketers on making AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) as landing pages, which helped the marketers enormously in boosting conversions. With the dawn of AMP Stories in 2018, creating engaging and high performing landing pages has become much easier.
AMP Stories consist of multiple slides with bite-sized content that direct users from one step to the next along the conversion process. The process of moving from one slide to the next gets the user in correct psychological frame of mind to get converted and become a consumer.
According to Adobe, only 50% of all landing pages are mobile-optimized. AMP Stories, being a part of the AMP technology, are mobile-optimized and provide immersive user experiences. As the Internet is booming with mobile users, AMP Stories as landing pages open up whole new horizons to explore, with a guaranteed positive conversion rate at hand.
A survey by Kissmetrics found that a delay of even 1 second in page-load-time can lower the conversions by 7%. Since AMP Stories load almost instantaneously, a fast loading landing page with AMP Stories keeps the customer engaged and restrains him from second-guessing his decision to take an action.
AMP Stories is a media-rich content format. Visuals of all kinds such as images, videos, and graphics can be included in AMP Stories without affecting the page load speed. As per Eyeview, relevant embedded video can increase conversions by 86%. AMP Stories as landing page can make the content visually-driven and impact the conversion rate, positively.
If the landing page is just puffing up any product/service, users will quickly bounce off. AMP Stories are interactive, their tap-through experience keeps the user engaged and interested in what the landing page actually has to offer. Instead of providing all the information at once, you can control the flow of information with AMP Stories.
AMP Stories can be indexed and surfaced in search results. Thanks to their visually appealing format, they perform high on user engagement metrics. Thus, AMP Stories make a perfect SEO-ed landing page that is capable of pulling ample traffic directly from the SERPs.
The creation of traditional landing pages takes up a lot of effort and time, whereas AMP Stories can be created in minutes with Visual Stories. Its AMP Story Builder helps you create high performing AMP Stories which can serve as the paradigm of best landing pages.