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Why Mobile Audience Prefers Stories Format Over Long Articles

Akshay Kulkarni
The Stories format has always been a good fit for the mobile audience on the social media platforms. Here's why it will also efficiently adapt to other mediums across the web, surpassing other traditional content formats.
The reign of desktops is at an end, mobiles are taking over now. With Web Stories, Google brought the Stories format - a social media hit - out of the social networks to the world wide web. Even in its early stages, Stories format is already famous among the publishers and the audience is also enjoying this fresh way of presenting content .

More Engagement

Instead of flooding the audience with mere words in the traditional long post format, now with Stories, publishers can combine chunks of crisp text with exquisite visuals to provide immersive experiences for the audience. This form of content strikes a chord with mobile audience, as they get useful information in an engaging and entertaining format.


The Stories format is media rich. Unlike text-heavy long posts, text and visuals hold equal weightage in Stories. This kind of storytelling feels modern yet familiar to the mobile audience, as they have already been exposed to it via social media platforms.


The mobile audience does not connect with non-interactive content, there must be an interaction of some sort to keep them engaged. Story format does that effectively, its tappable slides filled with smooth animations demand their undivided attention.


'Any sort of friction in browsing' is what the mobile audience despise for sure. Slow loading speed, half-loaded media elements, or too many ads, any of these things can make them leave a website. Web Stories (AMP Stories), being a part of AMP project, load quickly while retaining all the media elements which smooths out all the frictions.

UX (User Experience)

The traditional long blog posts don’t feel native to mobile. Even if they are mobile optimized, users have to scroll a lot to fully digest long posts, which is definitely not a good user experience. On the contrary, Story format is mobile-first and its swipeable and tappable interface makes the mobile audience feel at home.
The Story format has been a long standing feature on the social media platforms but to create it on other mediums there are not many options available. Visual Stories broke that barrier. It's a platform which offers a profound Web Story Builder, for the effortless transformation of your content into Web Stories.