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Why Visual Web Will Rule in 2022

Visuals will continue to dominate the web. The sooner you realize, the better.
Aakash Jain
Be it perceiving information by the user or for marketing any product, visuals have become an inevitable part of the web. It would not be wrong to term web as ‘visual web’.
Use of visuals for marketing campaigns is a sure-shot way to stay ahead in the competition.
Marketers have understood that visuals are perceived easily by the user to connect with the product and are preferred to text. So, being the part of visual web is a must today.
The digital marketing companies are believed to have a brighter future in the visual web. In fact, many of these also set a budget to create visual content for brand promotion and distribute it.
Human brain absorbs and processes visual information way faster than plain-text. Hence, brands extensively use visuals over text.
Visual elements like stock images, infographics, videos, animations are widely used to represent the information and create vivid memories in the mind of the readers.
Content with visuals is naturally more engaging and interesting for users as visual content is grasped easily and is retained for a longer time.

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Hence, websites with visually attractive content or blogs rank higher on search engines. Visuals also boost user-engagement, increase time on site and bring more ROI to marketers.
Visuals being the need, storytelling has come as a boon to brands for promotion. It involves narratives to strike an emotional chord with the audiences.
Visual Storytelling in particular has amassed a massive fan-following due to its usage of visuals to present the content, thus increasing brand visibility and viewership.
Visual-based advertising has greatly reduced the problem of banner-blindness and brought customers a step closer to the brand or the product.
People tend to leave an unorganized website in a jiffy, and want a website that is appealing, with information that is quick to grasp.
As website aesthetics greatly work for user engagement, visuals do the job here! In fact, people prefer and share visual content much more than traditional text.
Visual content is a rage on social media platforms. There is a huge increase in the number of photo-sharing websites and applications.

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People prefer watching videos of the product over reading about the product, and that is the clear reflection of its importance. Brands have witnessed a growth in sales and business by using visual content over plain-text.
It would not be incorrect to say that the storytelling format has contributed to the rise of the visual web. And one such storytelling format is Web Stories.
Powered by Google's advanced AMP technology, Web Stories are fast-loading, immersive user experiences, which are search engine friendly and shareable on the Web.
Visual Stories lets you create such wonderful Web Stories, that are nothing but a visual treat. Visual Story Builder provides extensive customization options to visually enhance the impact of the Stories.
Media library and ready-to-use web story templates makes it easy for the writers to focus on content and get a visually appealing story as an output.
Brands can use this format to promote their product and only expect profits. These mobile-friendly Stories will compel your customer to come back for more.