5 Best Website Builders in 2020

5 Best Website Builders in 2020
Want to build your own website but don't want to hire a developer? Here is a comprehensive guide to the best website builder available on the web.
Ishwari Pamu
Last Updated: Sep 11, 2020
This renowned website builder is Cloud-based. An important difference between Wix and other website builders is that it doesn’t restrict users to drag and drop the elements in a pre-designed grid but allows them to do so anywhere on the page, without any constraints.

Wix’s unstructured editor definitely offers more flexibility than other website builders. Users who do not want any restrictions while building their website can most certainly opt for this website builder. Along with being extremely easy to use, this builder comes with a substantial set of features, themes and integrations to help you build your website effortlessly. No sweat.

It comes with business-specific themes and features such as restaurants, music, art stores, bookings, events, forum, et al. With access to hundreds of templates, each of the templates is fully editable using their drag and drop feature.

It also provides the users with a good deal of free and paid apps (some are created by Wix and the others are third-party apps) that one can install. These apps let you add additional functionalities to your website in order to improve and enhance it.

It is a completely hosted platform, i.e., you don’t have to pay for hosting, and it provides users with a sub-domain in its free plan. If you want to connect a domain, you can opt for its paid plans.
Visual Stories
Do you wish to have Web Stories (earlier known as AMP Stories) on your website? Visual Stories can help you get Web Stories on your own website in a search engine friendly way. For those who have little to no technical knowledge and coding skills, Visual Stories is the ultimate solution.

If you want to start a new website, book a domain name and point it to 'Visual Stories' servers. Its team takes care of the setup for you. You can even opt for a PWA-powered website to further enhance your audience's user experience and achieve better conversions.

You can utilize its one-of-a-kind Visual Story Builder to create AMP Stories. Its interactive interface, extensive customization options, built-in image library, and an added feature of personal image library make creating Web Stories hassel-free. You can also guest blog on any or all of the 55+ websites on the Visual Stories Network for free. It is ideal for the businesses who want to increase their conversion rates and draw more organic traffic to their website.
It is one of the best competitors among website builders, thanks to its simple and modern design and the ease with which you can build a website. This highly recommended website builder is intuitive and thoughtfully curated. Packed with excellent and best-in-class features like blogging, podcasting, photo galleries, audio players, restaurant menus, e-commerce, online stores and much more; its editor is well-organized, handy and quick.

Unlike Wix, it doesn’t offer users with a blank canvas but an editor that is rather opinionated. Squarespace designs offer users the right options instead. Squarespace has better themes and templates than any other website builder. The chic and minimalist templates it offers are more than enough for most users. The templates come with lot of a white space, prominent typography and an ample room to showcase your creativity.

To top it all off, it is an ideal website builder for people who aren’t tech-savvy and just want their website set-up with minimal efforts. It doesn’t nickel-and-dime customers, but provides them with open and direct pricing plans.
While it is built using WordPress.org, WordPress.com is not same as the former, renowned open-source CMS. It uses two interfaces, one is the new streamlined and simplified WordPress.com interface, and the other is the old WordPress.org interface. It can be little confusing for those who aren’t familiar with WordPress.

Contrary to other website builders, it is a form-based editor and not a drag-and-drop editor. It separates the design from the content. WordPress.com has an entire ecosystem of third party plugin developers. You can install these plugins to dramatically enhance the functionality of your website. It provides you with 200+ themes to choose from and each one of them is responsive.

The best part of this WordPress.com is its blogging, which is loaded with powerful features like tags, drafts, categories, featured images, post sharing, custom permalinks and much more. It also allows you to add a team of writers who can contribute to your blog.

It offers three pricing plans – Personal, Premium and Business, that you can opt for according to your requirements.
For those who want to avoid the technical coding part, Weebly, an easy-to-use website builder is a straightforward solution. With an impressive mix of themes and customization options, it has a simple and a sophisticated interface.

It comes with around 70 sophisticated themes you can select from and dozens of features to add to the functionalities of your website.

You can drag and drop elements of your choice into your page, the elements can then be edited. Weebly also has an App Centre that you can utilize to add new features such as Content Color Box, Simple Table, Scroll Back to Top, Language Translations, etc. to your website. While some of these apps are free, some are paid.

Weebly has been aggressively building up its eCommerce features and offers far better eCommerce than most of the website builders. Just like everything else on Weebly, its eCommerce features are also easy to use.