6 Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

6 Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid
Web Design can be a deal maker or a deal breaker for a website striving for conversions and revenue. Subtle mistakes in the web design can hurt your site analytics that will act as a hurdle to your gauging success.
Swarali Jambhale
Last Updated: Sep 5, 2020
1. Dearth of Clear Call-to-Action
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Call to action (CTA) is a prompt with compelling commands, links or buttons that helps the user to know what their next step is. The CTAs on the website should be clear enough to answer the users' questions.
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For instance, consider these CTAs:
Sign Up/ Subscribe to answer 'What to do' questions.
Start Your Journey/ Visit Our Website to answer 'Where to go' questions.
→ Confused/ Tired? to answer 'How to feel' questions.
Keeping the call to action simple and straight with clear language, results in more clicks.
2. Slip Up on The Analytics
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75% of small business sites don’t use the analytics tools to track their performance! The biggest abberation of a site is to not be reviewed with the Google analytics. If you think of your website as an investment, then to protect your investment periodically analyze the user behavioral patterns and set up goals to track conversion with Google Analytics.
3. Headlines and Subheads are Few and Far Between
Long plain text on site is the culprit of users leaving the site! For the search engines to find you quickly, headings and subheadings are vital. Having helpful markup bots to read and construe about a page surfaces you on search results. If a bot is unable to determine what your page is about, your ranking will sink down in the search results.
4. Content Showing Its Age
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38% visitors desist browsing on a website if they find the content or layout dull, says Blue Corona. A website with stale content will fail to build the strongest relationship with its prospects. So, enrich your website with the state-of-the-art content to keep your readers hooked to your site as unique content is now highly valued for SEO practice.
5. Cluttered Homepage: A Downfall
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If a user is welcomed on a site in a way that disappoints him, the homepage is to be blamed. Homepage being the landing page, it should essentially be demystified to impress the first time visitor on the site. As the site’s design is first showcased by the homepage it stands to be the No. 1 factor to determine the credibility of a business.
6. Inadequacy of an Interactive Design
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Mobile experience is stealing the limelight. 40% users tend to go to the competitor’s site after a not-so-good mobile experience. Make your website interactive and conversational for the users with a design that will be easy on the eyes of the reader.
Low Tech: A Tight Spot
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Lack in technological standards can descend your website in the search results. A shaft of light for your business is the Web Stories, a potential opportunity to catch up with the latest technology.
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Web Stories emphasize the need of buffer free mobile-centric pages forcing websites to integrate Web Stories as Google has now made mobile page speed a ranking factor of SEO. Visual Stories has got its know-how for Web Stories that is letting you get Web Stories on your website!