6 Logical Reasons Why Small Businesses Need A Website

6 Logical Reasons Why Small Businesses Need A Website
In our modern age, it makes sense for local businesses to have a digital calling card at the ready - in the form of a website. And - if you can leverage it properly - your website can act as so much more than a glorified business card.
Ishaan Govardhan
Last Updated: Sep 2, 2020
6. Earn Street Cred
With no website to its name, a small business has little hope of coming across as legitimately professional. These days, a website acts as “proof” of your capabilities and trustworthiness.

As per a study, about 75% of B2B buyers base their buying decision on the digital website content of the business in question. With an official website, you'll be able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other small businesses in your niche.
5. Tell Your Story
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You can build your brand by enriching your official website with details about your organizational vision, mission and values. If you instill the essence of your persona inside every aspect of your site, you'll find it easy to connect with people.

You can even add your organization's portfolio, client testimonials, positive customer reviews, case studies, or announcements to your blog. It’s all about swaying public perception in your favor.
4. Build Loyalty
Local businesses should start a dialogue with regular customers, to keep abreast of evolving needs or grievances. Leveraging your website, you’ll be able to achieve this via newsletters, FAQ webpages, online chats or by conducting simple online customer polls.

There's also the option of collecting the user data of your website visitors (with their consent). You can analyse that info to obtain helpful insights regarding your average customer. By digitizing customer service, you'll be able to ensure satisfaction and save everyone’s time, with a simple blog.
3. Keep Pace with the Big Boys
The internet offers a level playing field for your business to compete with bigger corporations. As long as your website is well-designed and Search Engine Optimized (SEO), you’ll be able to share the spotlight with larger firms. On equal footing, your business has a chance of emerging as a serious competitor.

Reportedly – in 2018 – digitalized small businesses experienced revenue growth 4 times higher than ever before!
2. Satisfy Modern Customer Needs
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According to a study - around 97% of consumers go online to find local businesses or services, and about 63% use the official websites of those businesses to obtain their contact details. Even if your niche is such that most of your current customers don't use the internet - this is bound to change in the future. With the tech-savvy younger generation poised to become your customer-base in the coming years, you need to be able to stay in the game - by going digital.

A website will help you stay relevant, by making it easy for potential customers to find and approach your business. You can even enable online transactions on your site.
1. Expand Your Reach
An established online presence can work wonders for your brand visibility. Some small businesses just create a Facebook page and call it quits. They’re losing out on curating a well-rounded experience for their potential customers.

With a website, you can anchor customer attention while amplifying your marketing efforts. You’ll also have the option of going global with your small business. If you get it professionally designed, your website can act as a comprehensive brochure or catalog of your services (available 24/7).

As content marketing tools, websites are unmatched. You’ll be able to attract new leads with your website, like flies to honey.
But, if your business website doesn’t show up in relevant internet search results, then it might as well not exist. You can prevent this by ensuring consistent site traffic. More traffic will lead to your site being ranked higher on Google’s SERPs, so that you’ll reach even more people. But drawing site traffic can be tough without SEO.
Accelerated Mobile Pages: AMPpower Your Site
Web Stories: Next Level SEO
Driven by AMP Pages, Web Stories are tailor-made for mobiles. With Stories, you can promote your business in a condensed form, enriched with powerful visuals. This exciting new content format can help you shake up the status quo.

Visual Stories can develop a mobile-optimized business website that you can post Web Stories on. Why wait around for mobile-users, when you can just lure them straight to your site with fast-loading Web Stories.
The Visual Stories Experience
Visual Stories can even modify your existing site, so that you can start posting Stories on it. Or, just book a sub-domain, and let Visual Stories turn it into a “Visualog” - a separate mini-site just for Web Stories.

You’ll also be able to monetize your site, and start making money off the traffic boost! Leave it to Visual Stories to optimize the ad placement of your website, while you focus on creating Stories. This can act as an alternate revenue stream for your small business.
Visual Stories also offers the only free-to-use Web Story Builder available online, for you to weave your Stories with. You'll be able to surprise your customer-base, by speaking to them through this enthralling Storytelling format - enriched with beautiful visuals and animations.

Your business deserves a well-designed website powered by the latest tech. It's time to level up and reach a wider audience!