Give a Jump Start to Your New Website With Web Stories

Give a Jump Start to Your New Website With Web Stories
Your new website can still stay ahead of its competitors. How? Web Stories is the answer. Here is a complete guide to use Web Stories (also known as AMP Stories) format for your website.
Aishwarya Karwa
Last Updated: Sep 7, 2020
Today the online presence of businesses play a key role in deciding how well the businesses are established. It won’t be wrong to say that the success of business ventures today is measured based on the website launching. A website is not just a significant milestone for your business plan charting, but also is the most rewarding accomplishment in that process.

It can be challenging enough for new websites to increase their online visibility, readership and website traffic. Because Internet technology has advanced so rapidly that anyone can develop a website using the simple WordPress template but there are still different challenges you may face. Your website can still stand-out. How? All you have to do is adopt a unique way of storytelling and add rich visuals that speak volumes, to your website. It can not only help you attract traffic for your website but can also fetch you better readership. You’re wondering as to how can you achieve this? No, you definitely don’t need to write a lengthy CSS, HTML and JavaScript code for this. You just have to join Google’s ‘AMP’ bandwagon. With Google’s innovative Web Stories format, you can give a jump start to your new website.
The ‘Stories’ trend has become quite a buzz on the Internet. After Snapchat and Instagram’s massive success, social media giant like Facebook upgraded to the Stories format. And now, Google has hopped on the ‘Stories’ trend, as it's “AMP-ing up” Accelerated Mobile Pages feature with its own version of Stories. Web Stories format, allows you to club together text, images, videos, and graphics in a single post that can be indexed and surfaced in search. Web Stories are immersive, fast-loading, and highlighting features include:
  • Supports rich visuals with native video and image performance
  • Storytelling through tappable interactions and animations
  • Accessible across mobile and desktop devices on the open web
  • Shareable across sites and apps, thus providing wider audience for your business.
How Can It Help Your Website?
Growth in Traffic and SEO Ranking
To attract more traffic to your website, improving the browsing experience is the best way. AMP’s focus on lightweight visual-driven content does just that. In addition, page load time plays a vital role in SEO and since this initiative is being speared by Google, it prioritizes Web Stories in the search results and has started placing them at the top of the SERPs. This means that these Stories are ranking higher in Google search results.
Low Bounce Rate and More Time On-Site
Sites that take longer to load usually tend to have a higher bounce rate. On the contrast, Web Stories load faster than regular pages and also have an improved mobile compatibility which lowers the bounce rate of your website effectively. Odds are, faster loading pages will make visitors stay on your site longer because the experience is fast and easy.
Less Load Times
AMP is specifically developed to reduce the loading time of the content. Web Stories load quickly and easily with accuracy. Incorporating Web Stories on your website will make your website load faster.
Web Stories: Storytelling Packed With Rich Visuals
"The more senses a visual is able to engage, the more attention it receives and the more information is retained." - NewsCred

A traditional text-heavy website and a website that tells a story loaded with rich visuals, crisp content, images and videos, which website would you instantly get hooked on? The choice is quite obvious, the latter one. Web Stories is an immersive, visually appealing and tappable format, enabling website to boost its reader engagement and acquire better readership.
Optimized Data Consumption
Having a stripped version of HTML code, AMP pages consume certainly less data and load quickly. AMP pages have optimized data consumption which allows user to install website as an app on their home screen.
Put together are some other key benefits of having Web Stories on your website.
  • Unlike Snapchat or Instagram Stories, Web Stories are shareable across sites and apps.
  • Web Stories support AMPHTML ads both on AMP and non-AMP platform which can increase the ad viewability rates.
  • With this new visually engaging content format you will be able to have an upsurge in your ROI.
  • It is an open source initiative by Google, which will surely help in building a sustainable future for your business.
Creating Web Stories
If you do not wish to design and develop AMP from scratch then you can use an Web Story Builder tool. ‘Web Story Builder’ by Visual Stories is an efficient and easy-to-use tool to create immersive Web Stories in a jiffy. You can customize the Web Stories with the extensive options available in Visual Stories’ Web Story Builder. Get ahead of your competitors and create Web Stories for your website.