Guest Blogging With Visual Stories on Multiple Websites

Guest Blogging With Visual Stories on Multiple Websites
Guest blogging with Visual Stories lets you submit content on 55+ categories in an innovative content format that fits the needs of modern readers.
Manali Oak
Last Updated: Sep 2, 2020
Goals of a Guest Blogger
guest blogger
  • As a guest blogger, your primary goal is to find a website that focuses on your niche and has an audience that is interested in your field. Thereby, you can reach the readers your blogs are most relevant to.
  • You aim at establishing yourself as an authority in your field, for which you prefer niche-specific and high-authority websites.
  • And to gain a wider exposure, you obviously want backlinks to your website.
  • With Visual Stories, you can achieve this and a little more, for it’s a platform using which you can submit guest posts on 55+ categories for free, that too in the Web Stories format.
  • This strategic shift in the way you present content can help you achieve a higher ROI.
How Visual Stories Can Help
Blogging on Visual Stories
  • After signing up with Visual Stories, you can join one or more websites in the Visual Stories Network. Joining a website gives you access to submit Web Stories on it.
  • The websites are niche-specific. So while selecting a website to submit content, you should choose the one where your target audience is.
  • You can create stories with the help of an easy-to-use tool - the Visual Story Builder. Its user-friendly interface lets you create your story in minutes. Along with text, you can include rich visuals in your story. And yes, you can add links.
  • As a guest blogger, you have access to an image library of over 600,000 images cut in the right sizes, and usable as embedded images for your Stories.
  • You also have the option to upload your own images, which will become a part of your image library and remain accessible only to you.
  • All the Stories you create will be published under your name and you will have an author profile on Visual Stories. Thus, you will get credit for the content you create.
Advantages of the Visual Stories Network
  • What's different (in a good way) about guest blogging with Visual Stories is that you can submit Web Stories to multiple websites.
  • Visual Stories Network brings many different websites together, creating a common, wider userbase for them. They can be shared on social media platforms.
  • Guest blogging on sites in the Visual Stories Network thus helps you, as a guest blogger, to maximize your reach.
  • And you have a wide selection of websites to post content on.
Why Blog in the Web Stories Format
AMP Stories
  • Powered by Google's AMP technology, Web Stories are similar to those you find on Instagram or Snapchat, but for the web.
  • They are search engine-friendly, which is why they have higher chances of ranking.
  • They are quick-loading, visually engaging, mobile-focused and tap-through, which makes them a pleasure to read.
  • They are replete with visuals and light on text, which saves the readers from information overload.
  • Scoring high on user engagement and search engine metrics, they prove to be the perfect choice of content format for bloggers and content marketers.

So sign up with Visual Stories and start posting Web Stories on a website that best suits your niche. This will help you optimize your content marketing effort and channelize it in the right direction.