How Web Stories Help in Increasing E-commerce Sales

How Web Stories Help in Increasing E-commerce Sales
Web Stories (AMP Stories) is now taking e-commerce to a new horizon! To give the users an unobstructive shopping experience, Web Stories is the way to go with no bargain on sales metrics of the website!
Swarali Jambhale
Last Updated: Sep 5, 2020
How Things Are
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Unresponsive web design, slow loading pages and long monotonous content is what results into frustrated users. Today's users do not prefer waiting. As a matter of fact, 53% of mobile visitors shove away from the site after 3 seconds! The bouncing back of customers affects the sales graph in terms of conversions and user engagement and ultimately the revenue.
Speed Up Pages for Paced up Revenues
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Fast-loading pages is now becoming a prioritized check box for commercial websites as Google has recently declared mobile page speed as a ranking factor! Slow-loading websites have higher bounce rates and low conversion rates, affecting brand awareness significantly. Web Stories with their buffer free pages help you overcome this hurdle of speed.
Score a Chance to Get Ranked
Once you AMPlify your site, you become easily searchable and crawlable for your visitors as Web Stories get placed above-the-fold in the SERPs and bring organic traffic for your business. Considering that, 50% eCommerce and shopping transactions take place on mobile today, the need of making the website mobile friendly magnifies.
Web Stories: A Boost to Visibility
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Incorporating a blend of rich visuals and crisp content on the website will bring more views to the site - meaning more people coming across your business, giving it a visibility boost. More the people become aware of your products and services, more is the brand recognition you achieve!
Dwell on the Dwell Time
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Retaining web viewers on the site for a long time in this fast-paced world is no small feat! AMP Stories, with their visually enticing content keep the users hooked onto the site for long thereby giving rise to the user engagement metrics of the site. As AMP Stories gain a wider expanse, eCommerce will surely make its mark before the competition intensifies.
Looking Forward to AMP Stories
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A one-stop solution to overcome all the hurdles of sales metrics can be Visual Stories! With the capability to leverage AMP Stories to businesses and content creators, this platform helps you get AMP Stories on your website with its hassle free “no-code” solution. So, stay on your toes and adopt the AMP Stories trend at the earliest!