Unquestionable Customer Engagement Trends for 2020

Unquestionable Customer Engagement Trends for 2020
Looking at the changing scenario of customers gaining more power in this digital aeon, the ability to be quick on any uptake of your business gets underlined.
Swarali Jambhale
Last Updated: Sep 5, 2020
Internet of Things (IoT)
Internet of Things
Internet of things, for businesses, opens up touchpoints for data collection to enhance user engagement such that IoT devices can send error reports if any. Customer behavioral datasets are also sent to the customer service to solve issues before they build up.
Interaction Starts with AI
Artificial Intelligence
By 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human Gartner

Artificial intelligence is improving at a breakneck pace. It still continues to improve as we move to a stage where customer’s interaction with the business will be led by some form of AI facilitated conversational interface to distinctly establish the user intent.
Man with a Gift
Customers treated like individuals will land a business into their good books!

According to Marketing Insider Group, 78% of US internet users say that their intent to purchase increases when brands provide them with personally relevant offers. Demonstrating attentiveness to the customers will prove to be a fail-safe method in improving positive engagement.
Real-Time Support
Real- Time Support
If you want a customer to form a positive opinion about your website, your customer service should be in the saddle to solve their queries then and there!

With the adoption of video mapping, live polls or event apps, 2020 will see a metamorphosis concerning how companies tackle support issues.
Mobile: Becoming a Force of Habit
People holding phones
2020, is gradually seeing a pivotal shift towards the increase in mobile usage. Leveraging mobile devices to become a part of brand experience is gaining importance in improving customer engagement.

To take on the challenge of making your website mobile-centric, visually rich content and buffer free pages are the 2 main factors that matter the most.
Embracing the Era of Glass Rectangles!
AMP Icon on mobile screen
Understanding the growing impact of ocular content and buffer free mobile focused pages, Google introduced an addition to its AMP project as “Web Stories”. Mobile page speed now an SEO ranking factor, is making integration of Web Stories on the website inevitable.

Visual Stories is one such platform that has smartly blended into the trend of Web Stories.
At the end, customer is the wall to wall asset for any business. So to keep the customer relation healthy, businesses cannot afford to miss out on adopting the ever changing trends!