Visual Stories: A No-code Solution to Integrate Web Stories

Visual Stories: A No-code Solution to Integrate Web Stories
You might be well aware of the explosively popular Snapchat and Instagram Stories. This extremely captivating storytelling content format is now available across the web in the form of Web Stories (also known as AMP Stories). You can now integrate these engaging Stories seamlessly into your website with the help of Visual Stories platform.
Aishwarya Karwa
Last Updated: Sep 15, 2020
Pioneered by Snapchat, and imitated by Instagram and Facebook, these Stories are a hit everywhere on the social media. More Gen Zs and millennials are actively consuming the bite-sized yet visually appealing content. And now Google’s AMP Project is believed to level up the mobile browsing experience. 

To be precise, it has already started taking over, and big-name publishers like The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, Wired, Mashable have already rolled out the AMP-ed up content in the Stories format. The outcome? Ramped up user engagement, better readership and retention rates, and an upslope in the CTRs (Click Through Rates).

Looking at all the positives, you definitely can’t afford to ignore the potential that Web Stories have. After all, this alluring way of storytelling is set to be the future of the internet!
Switching to Web Stories
You might still be pondering about how do you switch to Web Stories, will you have to code? The answer is plain and simple - No coding skills required! You don’t have to be an extreme developer or a techie to create engaging content in the Web Stories format.

With the help of a blogging platform 'Visual Stories', you can create Web Stories.

Why Visual Stories?
Visual Stories, a perfect content marketing platform driven by the latest technologies, provides you with the ‘Web Story Builder’ to create crisp, concise, visually engaging content in Web Stories format, with minimal efforts and no coding or technical skills. All that’s left to do is to be creative with the play of words, write content on the choice of your niche on any of the 55+ websites under Visual Stories Network (VSN), put it in Visual Stories' Web Story Builder and get it published.

Moreover, Visual Stories also provides its readers an enticing content packed with captivating visuals (infographics, images, animations, etc.) on subjects ranging from Science and Technology to Fashion, Relationships to Fitness, and many more.
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Effortless Integration With Your System
Visual Stories provides you a no-code solution to create AMP websites and/or integrate AMP Stories on your website. It’s an innovative storytelling platform that lets you create highly engaging AMP Stories for your readers, thereby helping you increase your online presence. ‘AMP Story Builder’ by Visual Stories is an efficient, simple-to-use and one-of-its-kind tool to create visually rich, fast-loading and short but precise content in the AMP Stories format. It's developed from scratch, using the latest technologies to produce the best user experience. It has an intuitive interface which provides you with all the necessary features to create visually stimulating and search engine friendly content.
The Stories Trend is Here to Stay
All these features and benefits are provided under one single platform, Visual Stories. It's time to join the Stories trend, and engage your readers with the eye-catching, visually striking and snackable content in AMP Stories format.