Web Designing Trends That Will Be Prevalent in 2020

Web Designing Trends That Will Be Prevalent in 2020
Staying up to date with the ever-changing web design trends is imperative if you want to craft a website that will catch the eye of your prospective clients.
Sonali Pimpale
Last Updated: Sep 5, 2020
Web design is one of the most important make-or-break factors for any brand or business. It is one of the very first things that will be noticed by a potential client. As a website’s design is the first impression in the eyes of clients, and often, the lasting one, a killer web design should be one of your topmost priorities. A good web design not only adds an aesthetic appeal to the website, but also clearly conveys the purpose and function of your business or product.
With web design trends fluidly changing over the years, you need to keep up with them in order to create a website that will appeal to potential consumers. Here is a collection of the best web design trends that are expected to be in vogue in 2019.
Less Is More
Minimalistic approach is a time-tested web design trend that will continue to hold strong at this turn of the decade. Flat design approach focuses on having a clean website with ample white space and simple illustrations. A clutter-free website means that users can focus on actual useful content rather than unnecessary decorative elements.

Minimalistic approach is not only favorable from UX point of view, but also has a positive impact on loading speed of the site. Using simple illustrations instead of heavy visuals consumes less data, thereby reducing the loading time.
Add a Touch of Nostalgia
Girl Writing on a Paper
It’s not just the fashion industry that is crazy about retro style trends. The web design industry too, is keen on bringing back retro design elements in the website. Give your imagination a free reign to blend the old with new. You can use color schemes that remind your clients of the 80’s or use typography that hints at the 70’s.

2020 is also seeing the return of the black and white era with the usage of black and white color palettes in web design. Combining these opposite ends of the color spectrum creates a striking contrasting look for your website. You can add a minimal amount of color in this monochromatic scheme to accentuate the CTAs of your site.
Break the Mold
Traditionally, web designing has preferred using a set grid system for a consistent and aligned layout of the website elements. Recently, however, a break from this tradition is seen as many web designers are going for a less rigid, broken grid and asymmetrical layouts to attract more attention, and experiment more freely with the design.
Go Organic!
Using straight lines and geometrical shapes like circle, rectangle, etc., is giving way to including fluid, organic shapes in the design. Such shapes are irregular, uneven, and have a human touch to them as they look hand-drawn. Apart from attracting attention due to its unusuality, this personal touch makes the website seem more approachable to your clients.
Mobile All the Way!
Girl Using a Mobile
The recent past has witnessed the domination of mobile devices over the traditional desktops and laptops. This domination will only continue to strengthen in the foreseeable future, and has called out for the need of mobile-first web design. As the name suggests, this design approach deals with the trickier needs of mobile design, and later expands to the larger screen devices.

In order to enhance the mobile user experience, Google has introduced Web Stories, a mobile-focused, visually striking content format similar to Instagram and Snapchat Stories. Unlike the social media Stories, Web Stories are easily accessible on desktop websites as well. In addition to being a beautiful addition to your website, these Stories are fast-loading and search engine friendly. As Google gives preferences to Web Stories in the SERPs, they can rank higher in the search results.
Visual Stories is a blogging platform that not only provides the AMP Story Builder, a versatile tool to create Web Stories with minimal efforts, but also offers an easy solution to get Web Stories on your website without the slightest amount of coding required.