Why Is Website's UX Design Optimization Necessary in 2020

Why Is Website's UX Design Optimization Necessary in 2020
Your website design defines you. An attractive website is a prerequisite to rank high on search engines. A responsive design provides a smooth navigation experience to the user. However, optimizing the website design is also equally necessary to enhance the user-experience, every time he visits the website. So, here is a list of reasons why website's UX design optimization matters.
Aakash Jain
Last Updated: Sep 2, 2020
To Create an Impression
First impression surely leaves a long-lasting impression. An appealing design is what gets the users to the website. Half of the visitors leave poorly designed websites and hardly return to it. So, a well designed website is the key.
Optimize your website design with prominent ‘Call-to-action’ elements. Links, buttons, tabs, breadcrumbs should be strategically placed to trigger the user to take an action.
Readable fonts, attractive colors, and simple yet aesthetically pleasing design of the website are indispensable.
To Form a Strong Loyal Base
A well-designed website is the only solution. This will increase the number of users that visit your site, fortifying your brand value. Optimizing your website will enhance the user experience, retain your customers, and invite new ones too.
There are tools that help understand the experience of the visitor on a website. This helps to analyze and assess the user behavior on a website such as the type of content they read, visual elements that attract them, and their casual navigation on the website. Assessing this behavior will help you optimize your website and upgrade the design if needed.
To Stand Out
Websites that are quick and responsive only click with visitors. Rest are just ignored. Users expect a maximum of 2 seconds for a website to load and prefer visually beautiful design and text over text-heavy websites. So, to increase the conversion rate, the design should be strong and attractive, and it should also offer an easy navigation to users.
Visuals are inevitable to term a website well-designed and beautiful. Focus on image optimization. Make sure that their file size is less(compressed) and that they load quickly. Visual elements like infographics, stock-photos, videos quickly grasp the users’ attention and enhance their online experience. So you cannot afford to miss out on these.
Content optimization is as important as website optimization. Storytelling format is the modern solution. Using the narrative form of conveying information loaded with visuals, to your audience is the best way to enhance the user experience. Emotions strike the chord with users, hence usage of this format to satisfy the customer is worth it.
Customer satisfaction can decrease with longer page load time. So, your website should be fully optimized for faster loading. For that, choose a good web host provider.
To make your website faster, use content delivery network to distribute service and cache the website on a network of servers and decrease latency. Also, you must minify CSS and JS files, reduce https requests, optimize a database by cleaning it.
The website has to be mobile-friendly as this is where the world is today. Studies reveal that users today want the mobile website to be better than the desktop website. Optimizing your website to make it mobile-friendly makes it content-focused organically, thus enhancing the user experience. All in all, brands have to have mobile-first approach.
A badly designed website will weaken your position in the industry. But, a website with great visual appeal will stand a chance to have a higher search engine ranking resulting in improved web traffic. This will eventually increase the conversion rate and sales, giving a boost to your brand. Thus, your success is directly proportional to your UX design.
Storytelling format greatly improves the user experience and Web Stories, an immersive content format is the proof. Visual Stories lets you create such Stories, using the Web Story Builder, that are visually-rich, fast-loading, mobile-focused, search engine friendly. Extensive customization options help beautify the content which will bewitch the audiences. Enhance your UX by creating such Stories and profits are bound to reach you.
In order to stay relevant, optimizing a website to cater to the user’s need is very important. Otherwise, you may be left behind both in competition and search engine rankings.