2020 Is The Year of AMP and AMP Stories (Web Stories)

2020 Is The Year of AMP and AMP Stories (Web Stories)
AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) has come as a breath of fresh air, in terms of enhancing the browsing experience on mobile and desktop device. And AMP Stories, a modern content format of storytelling, is a visual way to present content and engage the audiences. Know why 2020 belongs to AMP and AMP Stories (Now known as Web Stories).
Aakash Jain
Last Updated: Sep 4, 2020
AMP technology focuses on creating mobile webpages that load quickly and enhance the browsing experience. AMP is an open-source platform implemented by Google to provide immersive user experiences, with these fast-loading web pages.
AMP pages work well on different browsers and devices. AMP pages are represented by a thunderbolt symbol on search engines. They are compatible with content platforms like Pinterest, Linkedin, Medium, etc.
mobile displaying user experience
Modern mobile-users want to access information quickly, and even a slight delay in page loading can hamper their browsing experience. AMP pages ease these with their framework.
AMP pages have AMP HTML tags (with the removal of select HTML features) that enable faster loading, CSS allows for customizing and styling of the page, and JavaScript library facilitates page optimization. AMP pages can also be cached by Google AMP Cache, that upgrades the page-performance on its own.

With such a powerful structure, and the need for a fast loading webpage for mobile web, AMP is cementing its position in web world. Know, why AMP will rule in 2020.
Benefits of AMP Pages
  • AMP pages load way faster than regular webpages and with these, users get a quick access to content, hence having an AMP version of the website helps gain more traffic, and enhance SEO.
  • With quick-loading of AMP pages, the bounce-rate is considerably reduced and this gives them a deserved chance to rank high in search-engines.
  • AMP pages often appear in Google carousel, that is at the top of the search results page, (identified by the thunderbolt symbol), thus can bring more visibility to your webpage.
  • Due to the lighting fast speed at which AMP pages load, it is a boon for marketers to have AMP pages. Having AMP pages as landing pages increases time-on-site, and enhances the user-experience, turning them into potential customers. In addition, AMPHTML ads can be featured on both AMP and non-AMP pages, and they being lightweight and safe from malware will get you more clicks.
  • Since AMP pages are mobile-optimized, it gives content creators and publishers a wonderful chance to present content to mobile web user in a seamless fashion.
  • Having AMP-friendly websites is beneficial for e-commerce companies, marketers, brands as AMP technology boosts user-engagement, by providing smooth and mobile-friendly experience, making them come back for more.
Web Stories as a Benefit
a group of people checking smartphone
AMP enables faster browsing experience, and with its innovative AMP technology it has also given a way to present the content beautifully, through Web Stories. 

  • It is a modern content format that allows you to create content that is visually-pleasing and produces immersive experiences. Visuals are always preferred over plain-text, when it comes to consuming information and the future will be no different. Web Stories load full screen, the content is mobile-focused. The content appears in the form of slides, each having brief text with engaging visuals to delight the reader. They are similar to Instagram and Snapchat Stories, which are a rage among audiences, except for the difference that these Stories are searchable on the web.
  • Stories don't bombard you with content like traditional articles, hence can have better time-on-site and less bounce rate. With people loving the Stories format, Web Stories helps content creators, brands, marketers give a memorable reading experience to the audiences.
  • Web Stories, is a wonderful format to adopt as a content marketing strategy, because with Stories you get to present a content package- that is text, visuals, video, that is bound to attract the readers. And since most of the users access information from smartphones, Web Stories can attract varied audiences. Writers and bloggers can reach out to the world with powerful Stories that will be etched in the minds of the readers. Marketers can fetch better ROI, as Web Stories boost user-engagement with their visual approach and mobile-focused content.
  • Promoting the products through narratives and inspiring Stories will appeal audiences to a great extent and they will be compelled to know more about the product. Brands can widen their reach and strike the emotional chord with people through Web Stories.
Visual Stories is a wonderful platform that facilitates creation of AMP Stories. The AMP Story builder by Visual Stories is a tool available on the Web for any user to create AMP Stories. The Builder is adaptive for technological advancements in future. It taps the potential of Google's AMP technology and Stories format to create an immersive and visually-rich experience. The tool gives extensive customization options to visually enhance the impact of the Stories.
Visual Stories encourages people who consider writing as a means of reaching out to the world and delight them. It gives an opportunity to effectively promote products in the Stories format for the content marketing campaigns and to enhance business prospects. The Stories can be integrated without affecting the existing structure of the website of a webmaster. Visual Stories guarantees complete credit and ownership of Stories created to website owners.
In a nutshell, 2020 belongs to AMP and AMP Stories.